Utillian 421 vs 721 Review

One of the questions we often hear from our customers and fellow vape enthusiasts is about which Utillian device is right for them. The Utillian 420 price and basic features make it the starter model from the brand. The 421 model is a step up from the 420 in price and quality, and the 721 has some distinct features that are improvements over the two. Is the price increase justified, and should you spend the extra money on the 721? We’ll let you know what we think and you decide.

Product Features:

Utillian 421

  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Good Value
  • Airflow Valve
  • Slick and Portable
  • Easy to Use

Utillian 721

  • Convection Heating
  • Canister for Concentrates
  • Magnetic Cap
  • Swiveling Mouthpiece
  • Temperature Boost Mode

How They Work and Ease of Use:

Both of these units are easy to use and controlled with a single button that you press five times to turn it on, which is pretty standard in the vaporizer industry. When the button is pressed five times, both of these units begin heating up to the last set temperature. The light blinks on both models while it is heating up, and then remains solid when it’s ready to rip.

Temperature Settings:

The Utillian 421 has six preset temperatures that range from 180C – 230C. The Utillian 721 has four preset temperatures between 170C – 210C.  The 721 features a boost mode that will boost each setting by five degrees. On both of these models, the higher temperatures can be a bit harsh on the throat. We recommend sticking in the sweet spot around 190C or so, unless you are someone that loves those lung-busting vape rips.

Heating System and Chamber:

The Utillian 421 uses conduction heating and has a ceramic chamber, and the Utillian 721 uses convection heating and has a stainless steel chamber. Most vape users tend to prefer convection heating, so the 721 gets the edge here. Some users prefer ceramic chambers, while others would rather have steel. It depends on preference.

Vapor Quality:

The quality of the vapor on both of these devices is impressively solid, especially for budget type vapes. The 721 comes with a plastic mouthpiece, which really didn’t make any sense to us, because the less expensive Utillian devices have glass mouthpieces. The plastic mouthpiece doesn’t seem to reduce the flavor quality of the hits you get from the 721, though.

As far as vapor production, the 721 gets the edge here because it has little to no draw resistance. Even though the 421 does feature an airflow valve which improves clouds size, the 721 still beats it in that department.

Battery Life:

The 721 has a 2100 mAh battery and lasts for about 90 minutes of continuous use, and the 421 has a 2300 mAh battery that lasts about the same. The 421 might closer to an hour, depending on the size of rips you take.

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality:

Both the Utillian 421 and the 721 are made from anodized aluminum, but the 721 comes with a rubber finish. The rubber on the 721 can wear down after a while, especially if you are a frequent user. Just like the plastic mouthpiece, we didn’t understand why the 721 would use a rubber finish. Perhaps it is intended for better handling and grip on the device, but since the 421 fits into your palm nicely, that was never an issue.

The shape of both of these units resembles small flasks or pagers from the 1990’s. Even though the rubber finish of the 721 didn’t thrill us, it is an upgrade over a device coated in plastic, such as the Boundless CFX.

Portability and Discreetness:

Both of the units are portable and discreet, and fit nicely into your palm, but we gave the slight edge to the 721 because of its magnetic chamber cover, or lid. The 421 does come with a shield that will protect its glass mouthpiece, though. Since the 721 uses convection heating, it is draw-sensitive, meaning your herbs are only heated up when you inhale. This reduces the amount of smells that might fill the air when using a conduction vaporizer. Additionally, the mouthpiece on the 721 has a swivel function, which was a nice touch.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Keeping these units clean is usually pretty easy and straightforward. The Utillian 721 accessories are better than the 421, as they include a handy brush that lets you keep the stainless steel chamber clean. A cotton swab dipped in alcohol will keep both of these devices nice a clean and disinfected. If you want the best possible way to clean your devices, check out the Zeus Grime sticks that feature ethanol alcohol instead of the standard isopropyl. Also, if you’re traveling long distances with a device with a glass mouthpiece, you might want to consider picking up a case to protect it.

Summary and Comparison:

When you break everything down, you’re basically paying for convection heating and the ability to vape both dry herbs and concentrates when it comes to the price hike on the 721. If you’re okay with conduction heating and you don’t normally use portable vaporizers with concentrates, you’ll more than likely be happy with your decision to purchase the 421. Most users seem to think that the Utillian 721 does have an edge over similar devices like the Arizer Air or the Boundless CFX.

As we mentioned, it is a bit strange to us that the mouthpiece on the more expensive 721 would be made from plastic, while the cheaper models have glass mouthpieces. Additionally, the rubberized finish of the 721 doesn’t exactly feel like an upgrade over the 421.

What do you think about our Utillian 421 VS 721 comparison review? Do you own either one of these devices, or would you consider buying one? Let us know in the comments. If you’re looking for some more in-depth information and opinions on either of these two devices, be sure to check out our reviews on Utillian 421 review and our Utillian 721 review.

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13 comments on Utillian 421 vs 721 Review

  1. Avatar for Erik D. Erik D. says:

    I bought the Utillian 720 vaporizer and while this is a review for the 721 I think I’ll add my opinions here. Overall I think it’s a fine device and I think it offers good value for performance. While there are certainly cheaper and more expensive herb vaporizers out there on the market, I would say you’re not really going wrong with getting it. Just make sure to inhale slowly for a long time and its perfect!

  2. Avatar for Zack O. Zack O. says:

    Any1 know the best grinder for a weed vape? Im using scissors and it doesn’t work so good but it worked fine for joints. I was worried its my vape that’s broken but people on reddit said to get a grinder. Also I want to upgrade vapes which would you upgrade to if u had the 420 vape?

  3. Avatar for Jordan M. Jordan M. says:

    As someone who had the UTILLIAN 421 first and then bought the STORZ & BICKEL CRAFTY I would definitely have to say the Crafty is so so so much better. I REALLY like them both but the crafty hits like a truck while the utilitarian vape will hit like a soft breeze. I mean I would still get high from it but I wish I just bought the better vape first.

  4. Avatar for Jeff P. Jeff P. says:

    A weed vaporizer helped me stop smoking mine was the Utillian 420 vape but now I’m thinking of buying a different one. How do these compare are they any better?

  5. Avatar for Adrian Y. Adrian Y. says:

    good review like my vapes too

  6. Avatar for Bryan. D Bryan. D says:

    Good vape works good 8/10 I still smoke from time to time

  7. Avatar for Fabian L. Fabian L. says:

    This review convinced me to buy the Utillian 721 and I’m quite glad I went with it. While I have no other grounds of comparison, I think it’s safe to say it’s a pretty good vaporizer. I only use around 0.2 grams of weed compared to half a gram in a joint I would smoke. It really helps me go to sleep and I sleep a lot better than when I was smoking herb instead.

  8. Avatar for Dustin V. Dustin V. says:

    SOUR DIESEL VAPE AT 420 DEGREES is the best thing in the world it hits so flavorful and really really gets me so high. Too high im trying to write this review but couchlocked and cant move and my god I love it. I went to buy a Cali Crusher Shredder and my vape got so so so much better than when I used my fingers night and day difference. Cant believe I didn’t buy one earlier got so much wasted weed. Oh btw it’s the Utillian 721 vape I have lol

  9. Avatar for Kayn V. Kayn V. says:

    How do I clean my Utillian 721 vape???

    1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

      Take some isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and wipe down any plastic parts and you can clean the inside of the chamber with a q-tip soaked in iso. You can also try the Tools420 Cleaning Sticks They are pretty convenient. If you need more information on how to clean your vaporizer take a look at this article. Quick Tips on How to Clean Your Vaporizer

  10. Avatar for Barry Barry says:

    I’ve experimented with the times on the 721 compared to your estimates and finally got an honest answer from a higher up who agreed that at the purple 190 degree setting I got 7 x 5 minutes before charging again. BUT I still recommend it. My only negative complaint is that I can only get about .3 – .3.5 grams of herbs in it. A .5 gms container would be better.

  11. Avatar for Dennis D. Dennis D. says:

    I have a Utillian 721 and it worked really amazing for the first two months but now it doesn’t let me inhale as easy and the taste isn’t so good? I think it needs to be clean, can you help me with how to clean the utillan 721? I used water but the sticky stuff is hard to get off. Is that golden sticky stuff from vaping healthy or what is it and where does it come from? Thanks a lot in advance

    1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

      Try using isopropyl instead of water. Soak some paper towel or a q-tip and clean the inside the chamber, screens, magnetic cap and the mouthpiece. Here is a guide on how to clean your dry herb vaporizer Quick Tips on How to Clean Your Vaporizer

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