Arizer Solo 3 Speculation

Well, well, well, oh how the turns tide. Arizer has recently released the third vaporizer in their ‘Air’ lineup, the Arizer Air MAX, & fans have already begun to speculate about the 3rd Solo model – Perhaps named the Solo 3 or the Solo MAX.

Only time will tell, but what we do know are some key features that we’d like to see on their new vape. In this preview, we’ll be speculating about what we can expect, as well as our wishes. So, let’s not out memes be dreams, and get into brain blasting the Solo 3/Max.

Arizer Portable Vaporizer Release Timeline

  • Arizer Solo – Early 2013
  • Arizer Air – November 2014
  • Arizer Solo 2 – March 2017
  • Arizer Air 2 – October 2014
  • Arizer ArGo – December 2017
  • Arizer Air MAX – April 2022

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer visual comparison with Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer and Arizer Argo Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 3 / MAX – Early 2024 Estimate

Battery Improvements we’d like to see

It’s become clear that Arizer likes their larger battery lives with the Air MAX receiving a great boost in battery power over the second model. It now included a swappable 26650 battery with 5000mAh, an upgrade from the swappable 3700mAh 18650 in the Air 2. This upgrade brought the Air MAX to a maximum battery life of an incredible 2.5 hours from 1.5 hours. With the Solo 2, it had an incredible battery life of 3 hours out of the box. While it may have been prone to degradation as time went on, still to this day it was impressive.

One place where it did lack was the charging, as the DC port it used took over 3 hours to charge. If you lost the charger, you’d also be out of luck completely. Comparing this to the more modern USB-C charging on the Air MAX, where you can just plug in any USB-C charger you have lying around, you can appreciate the upgrade.

  • For the Solo 3, we hope to see USB-C charging and a swappable 26650 battery for sure.

Arizer Airmax BAttery

How could they redesign the Solo 3?

One of the biggest complaints about the Solo 2 is just how hefty it is. The design is overly bulky and the included 110mm stem does not help anything at all. Unless you’re rocking big pockets or a vape case, you’re not going anywhere with this beast. Call me old-fashioned, but what I’d like to see is the Solo 3 take on a PAX-like design with four pre-set temperatures. This would reduce the need for a battery-draining OLED screen. Besides that, I can’t stand Arizer digital displays in general… Just going to throw that out there. With application integration, no longer would you mindlessly have to scroll through the menu to get turn off the fucking stupid sound beep.

Solo 2 in Pocket

In terms of portability, I would like to see a right-angled stem that would let you slide it into place like you would on a Mighty+. While still keeping the same chamber size, this would let you have a highly portable and ergonomic stem design that would make the unit much more portable, especially if they shrunk the size of the body down a bit. If they were to switch up the design by using the stronger zinc alloy metal instead of aluminum, they would be able to cut the weight by using less metal. Combine that with not using a screen, and there’s the possibility of having a unit as portable as the G Pen Elite 2.

G-Pen Elite 2 On Hand Portability

Could they improve the vapor quality?

Two places where the Arizer Air MAX improved its vapor quality was by having larger air intake ports, and by having a more powerful ceramic heating element. The combination allowed for improved heat-up times, more stable oven temperatures, and increased convection heating for your dry herb. For the Solo 3, we hope to see this heater with even more convection air flow.

Arizer Solo 3 Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it – Our thoughts on an Arizer Solo 3 release date and possible key features. Regardless of the direction they choose to take, with the awesome new releases of the Air MAX and XQ2 Desktop Vaporizer, we’re sure that they won’t miss at this point. With a little more portability and vapor quality, the Solo 3 might have what it takes to be the best portable dry herb vaporizer. We expect the 2024 release date, and until then, we’ll be both vibing & chilling.