What is the best bubbler for weed vapes

We go over the best bubblers for weed vapes that you can find on the market! Rather than specific bubblers/bongs, go over general concepts and styles! There are seemingly limited choices out there from intricate, hand-blown glass pieces to China glass for cheap. Check out our best weed vape bubblers here for some more info!

Almost any bubbler can be adapted and used with an herb vaporizer, provided you have the right adaptor. Most herb vapes use a 14mm WPA (water pipe adaptor) so thus we most often recommend a piece that has a 14mm joint. Adaptors can of course be found to reduce/increase the size of the join. 

While you can really use any bong or bubbler with an herb vape, we say go for less percolation/water! The more percolation, the less taste you’ll get! While cannabinoids aren’t water soluble, terpenes tend to get trapped much easier, losing some of that nice flavor in the process.

Bigger pieces also tend to have more resin/vapor stick to the sides via condensation, so we’d recommend a piece that’s not too big and doesn’t filter too much! Elsewise you’ll lose potency and flavor too much. Besides, you don’t need much water to make vapor incredibly smooth anyways!


Slightly different than your average bubbler, a hydrotube goes overtop your regular 14mm WPA, as the female side is on the bottom. When using it, it’s a bit more like hitting your standard verticle bong. What we really love about this design is how portable it is, making it very easy to throw into a bag or even carry in your pocket!

The filtration is great, leading to very smooth and heavy hits. It doesn’t quite ‘milk up’ as well as some of the other bubblers and you can’t see the vapor pooling up as well as with some designs, but it definitely cools down the vapor more than enough for 99% of people.

Seeing as they come pretty inexpensively, it’s a great choice if you do plenty of travel and still want solid filtration. A lot of people love to pair a hydrotube with an Arizer Solo 2 or Crafty+.

Head over to our vaporizer bubblers and bong adapters page for more options for different vapes.



Like the Hydrotube, a hydrobase is just a bigger, more complex version of the hydrotube. Most commonly found with an 18mm joint, they’re mostly made to be used with the likes of the VapeXhale Cloud Evo or Sticky Brick lineup. You’ll likely have to hold it in your hand while using it though as the weight and balance will be too much for basically any portable herb vape to handle.


Dab rig types

Recyclers and dab rigs are often compact and offer a good amount of cooling without affecting flavor. Too much percolatation and water filtration will strip away all of those delightful terpenes and even some cannabinoids, and most dab rigs come with a 10 or 14mm joint. Most dab rigs are very attractive, hand-blown glass pieces and can even be found sometimes at surprisingly good prices!

Dab rig types

Mobius Matrix

The Mobius Matrix/Sidecar herb vape bong is a super common bubbler. One of the best glass bubblers that Reddit seems to love, it’s large, clean, has great function, and a fan favorite for a reason. While the real Mobius Sidecar is a bit expensive, people have gravitated towards the China glass version to cut on costs. This is a good herb bong if you want a lot of cooling and to milk up a large piece!

Mobius Matrix

Sake bottle

Another fun and common design, the Sake bottle bubbler has become more and more popular due to its compact size and elegant, not stoner-y look. Seen often at good prices from custom blowers and Asian webstores, it’s a good pick if you want something to be portable yet still provide ample smoothness without stripping away all the nice tastes! People especially love to pair a Dynavap M with this type of herb bubbler.

Sake bottle Bong


Also known as the FC-710 or a diffusion pump, and a fan favorite due to the rattlecan-like sound while chugging, the Rattlecan style of bubblers has become a favorite for its satisfying function and auditory experience. On the other hand, it may be a little too loud and even irritating for some, especially late at night!

Many people report greater flavor than with most bubblers and with its reasonable price point, it’s a good glass piece to pick up if you want something special! Also, it’s a lot likely to knock over and spill due to the high water volume that’ll keep it grounded. Useful if you’re particularly clumsy!

Rattlecan Bong

Magic Flight Orbiter

An exceedingly artistic and attractive little piece, the Magic Flight Orbiter has recently become rarer and still desirable. The mouthpiece detaches for use with either a whip or glass stem, depending on your preference. It’s surprisingly small and has a great function, as well as an attractive aesthetic. 

The wooden base gives it a solid platform, however it’s only best suited for smaller herb vapes as it may be a bit clunky feeling if you’re putting something like the Mighty on it. All in all, a very nice glass piece which is hand-blown and becoming increasingly rare!

Magic Flight Orbiter


There are really way, way too many bubblers and bongs to list on here! We recommend something medium sized without too much percolation to keep your vapor cool yet flavorful. You can’t go wrong with a hydrotube for a small and portable solution, and honestly you don’t get too much smoother of hits with a bigger piece.

To clean your glass, simple use a little bit of coarse salty, a squirt of dish soap, and some isopropyl alcohol to get it squeaky clean after just a few minutes! Play with the water level, but we typically leave it just a bit above the percolation line.

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