Boundless Tera Review

Author Rating: 8.3/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 9/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 8/10

The Boundless Tera is a recent release from the brand that is probably best known for its popular CFX device. The Boundless Tera V3 boasts convection heating, precision temperature controls and swappable batteries. Is it worth the price? Keep reading our Boundless Tera review for more details.

Product Features:

  • Excellent Vapor Production
  • Isolated Air Path
  • Swappable 18650 Batteries
  • Water Pipe Adapter Included
  • Precision Temperature Controls
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • Connects Magnetically

How it Works and Ease of Use:

Using this device is fairly straightforward, as is to be expected with most dry herb vapes. To use the Boundless Tera vaporizer with dry herbs, remove the magnetic lid, load up your dry herbs, replace the lid, and then press the power button five times. Set your desired temperature, then hold down the button and let it heat up. Haptic feedback will let you know it’s ready for a rip. You’ll want to take smooth, long draws with this convection device.

How Boundless Tera Works

To use the Boundless Tera V3 with concentrates, just turn the device on, and press the button 3 times to enter concentrate mode. Insert the pad, load up your concentrate, and rip away.

Boundless Tera Temperature Settings:

The Boundless Tera temp controls are precision, and it features a wide temperature range of 60°C – 220°C when in dry herb mode. If you switch to concentrate mode, the Boundless Tera V3 vaporizer can reach a max temperature of 260°C. The side controls let you easily toggle through precision temperatures.

Boundless Tera Temp. Settings

The device heats up pretty quickly, between 30-45 seconds, depending of course on your desired temperature. The best temperature at which to use the Boundless Tera vape depends on your personal preferences. Unless you’re the type of vape user who loves huge rips with super thick clouds, you’ll want to keep the device under 200°C.

Boundless Tera Temp. Settings v2

Heating System and Chamber:

The Boundless Tera V3 uses pure convection heating. The chamber is made of stainless steel and can fit up to about 0.40g of dry herbs, which is pretty large for portable vaporizers. We recommend grinding your dry herbs down relatively fine and packing the whole chamber; but not too far down to allow solid airflow. You can get decent micro-dose rips from the Boundless Tera, but we don’t recommend going too far below 0.1g.

Boundless Tera Chamber Size

Tera’s Vapor Quality:

The vapor production on the Boundless Tera vape is some of the best on the market today. The highest temperatures will produce seriously thick vape clouds. The fully isolated air path with the Boundless Tera make the vapor quality and flavor slightly above average, but we expected a bit more.

All Mouthpieces

If you couple the Boundless Tera 3 with the glass water pipe attachment, that can help cool down the vapor quite a bit. Any water pipes with 10mm-18mm connections will also fit.

Bong Adapter

The glass mouthpiece doesn’t offer much as far as cooling down the vapor or making it any smoother, and using it is pretty uncomfortable. You can vape wax with the included stainless steel concentrate pads, but the flavor from concentrates is not the best. This device works best with your favorite dry herbs.

Glass Mouthpiece

Boundless Tera V3 Battery Life:

With an industry-first, two swappable 18650 batteries at 2500 mAh each, we expected the Boundless Tera to have a pretty long battery life. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Most users tend to get between only 6-10 sessions with both of the two batteries, topping out at about an hour. This is below average, as the similarly priced Arizer Solo 2 will give you about 3 hours of continuous usage, and the Arizer Air 2 offers about an hour and a half.

The good part is that the Bounless Tera vape will likely work with most other 18650 batteries, so if you already have some or have better 18650 batteries you can have a longer battery life, then you’ll have some extra spares that can be easily charged with a standard micro-USB.

Boundless Tera Battery Life

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality:

The Boundless Tera has a durable aluminum build, and feels substantial and pretty hefty. The OLED display is easy to read and is accurate as far as telling you the temperature at which you are vaping. The components connect magnetically, and those seem to last long for most users.

The aesthetics and feel of the Boundless Tera V3 vaporizer are okay, nothing too special, but not terrible either. However, there are other devices that feel much more comfortable to hold, and can feel a bit clunky to some vape users. The Solo 2 and the Crafty both look and feel better than the Boundless Tera, in our opinion.

Portability and Discreetness:

The Boundess Tera vaporizer is pretty thick and hefty, and therefore is not very discreet or portable. The build of the device means that it won’t fit all that comfortably in your pocket, and the fact that the device is a beast with vapor production means that you’ll likely draw some attention when using it.

Boundless Tera Portability

What’s Included with the Boundless Tera Vaporizer?

With the Boundless Tera, you’ll get two 18650 batteries, a glass mouthpiece, a glass water pipe adapter, five stainless steel screens, a stainless steel concentrate pad, two screens for the mouthpiece, a brush for cleaning, a USB charger and a user’s guide. The Boundless Tera vaporizer also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Boundless Tera Accessories

How to Clean the Boundless Tera:

There are a good amount of components with the Boundless Tera vaporizer, so keeping it clean takes a bit more attention than some other vaporizers. You will want to do 4-5 burn-offs before using the device after you unbox it, as well as taking isopropyl alcohol to the components before using it. Our Tools420 cleaning sticks will help to keep it clean, and our Tools420 carrying case will keep it snug and protected.

Summary and Comparison:

There are good and bad points to the Boundless Tera. It’s durable and will last long, and the vapor production is excellent. If you are the type of vaporizer user who loves thick, lung-busting clouds, then this device and the included water pipe adapter will probably be right up your alley.

However, the bulkiness of the device drastically reduces its portability, and the battery life is disappointing and below average. For as thick as the clouds are, the vapor quality is lacking in comparison to devices like the Mighty or the Crafty. Even the Utillian 421 will over rips that are a bit tastier, at a lower price.

What do you think about our Boundless Tera review? Do you own this device? Let us know in the comments.

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