DaVinci IQ2 vs IQ Comparison Review: Is smarter, better?

We’ve reviewed the DaVinci IQ and DaVinci IQ2 and have come away pretty impressed for the most part. The new DaVinci IQ2 has made some nice improvements while sticking to a tried and true formula. In this DaVinci IQ vs. IQ2 review, we go over these improvements and if it’s worth the upgrade or increased price to get the IQ2. Check out our comparison here for more info!

How easy are they to use?

They’re both very similar in their operation; however the IQ2 has made some nice improvements! In particular, cleaning the IQ2 is much less of a pain in the @ss than the original. The little spot near the gasket between the chamber and flavor chamber has been fixed and now it’s no longer a big time commitment and pain to clean.

The new DaVinci IQ2 though also has some different functions bundled into the software, particularly the new Dosing Control system. This can all be navigated from the device itself using the three buttons and intelligent LED display. They both have the same Smart Paths and temperature range as well.

The Dosing System takes a little bit of time to learn but its well worth it if you’re concerned about doses, a medical patient, or a functional stoner. In the end, they’re both quite simple to use with some advanced options, but the IQ2 just wins out with the improved build quality and new features.

DaVinci IQ2 VS IQ

How long do the batteries last?

Charging options (usb, usbc,adapter) charge time

Unsurprisingly, they’re quite equal in this regard, using the same removable 18650 battery system, MicroUSB charger, and heating technology. Maybe we’ve noticed a bit better battery life from the IQ2 as the bowl is now insulated better, radiating less heat, and improving energy efficiency. Regardless, they both have great battery life, definitely some of the best for any portable dry herb vape!

They’ll both take roughly 3.5 hours to top up from empty to full with the stock 3500mAh battery, and we really recommend using an external battery charger anyways. The fact that the battery is a removable 18650 is a huge selling point!

DaVinci IQ2 VS IQ Battery Life

Bowl Size & Heating Systems (convection conduction induction?)

A couple changes have happened in this regard. The bowls still hold between 0.3-0.5 grams and use the same ceramic conduction heating element. However, the new IQ2 comes with some concentrate pads for better compatibility with waxes and resins. The pearl has been marginally upgraded to work a little better as a chamber reducer, though all in all there hasn’t been many changes made at all in this regard.

While we generally prefer convection vapes, the conduction in the IQ and IQ2 is pretty awesome and leads to some great results and an even cook!

Heating System

How are the Vapor Qualities?

What material is the vapor pathway? is the vapor pathway separation from electronics. vapor production flavor and taste.  ABV consistency. Active ingredient extraction ability. Airflow restriciton

Very similar, with a slight edge going to the IQ2. The adjustable airflow is the real changing factor here, as is the mouthpiece which has slightly larger airflow holes. This makes it less likely to clog and gives noticeably more open air flow. The vapor production and flavor has stayed mostly the same, of course the separating factor being how open the airflow itself is, which can adjust the vapor to air ratio depending on your tastes.

They both provide some solid vapor quality for sure, and definitely the best conduction vapes we’ve ever tested. All in all, the vapor quality is mostly the same, though we have noticed a pretty reasonably upgrade in the airflow with the IQ2.

Airflow and Vapor Quality

How Portable and Discreet are the IQ2 and the IQ?

Dimentions & wights. is there a lot of smell using it?

The new IQ2 is a whole 9% bigger and 11 grams heavier than the original IQ. This doesn’t seem like much, and it isn’t! You’ll barely perceive this difference, if at all. They both slip comfortably into the pocket and hide away in the hand very well. Comfortable to hold, discreet, and small, they look more like a power bank than they do vapes.

They both however do produce quite a strong stink of skunk when in use. This is characteristic of most conduction session vapes, and will definitely draw the attention of some noses. Still, it’s not nearly as strong as the stench of smoking, but be mindful of any aromas you’re tossing out of these devices!

DaVinci IQ2 VS IQ Portability and Size In Hand

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

what’s the build quality?. how long is the manufacturer warranty. are there replacement parts available? price

DaVinci has been making some pretty solid and reliable devices since the launch of the IQ. They both come with a 10 year warranty and are built quite similar. Though, the IQ2 made some small changes like the battery door being more reliable, the mouthpiece coming off less, and the pearl not breaking/falling off easily. The body still gets warm, but not as hot as the original. A DaVinci IQ glove will definitely help with the heat issue and even improve the aesthetics!

The body is now a brushed aluminum instead of the sandblasted aluminum of the original, and looks/feels just as good. The unboxing experience is really top notch and we trust DaVinci to take care of any problems with style. They’re been really great to many anonymous people in the past, going above and beyond many companies in terms of service. You of course also have the DaVinci smartphone app to play with as well, which offers a ton of versatility.

The price is a bit high, but you get what you pay for. The old IQ is now found at a reduced price and it’s a bit hard to say which is the best herb vape for you. We’d go ahead and say the IQ is certainly worth the higher cost.

Who these vapes are suited for

The DaVinci brothers here are best suited for someone who is out on the go often and prefers larger doses, thanks to the large herb chamber. Of course this can be reduced significantly with the chamber spacers and pearl.

The new IQ2 is really amazing for those who like to control their dose, ensuring they get a certain amount of THC/CBD without going over. While this may be irrelevant to some who ‘just want to get baked’, this can be ultra-useful for some who are more mindful of the experience and their intake.

On the other hand, they’re not quite as great for continuous back-to-back sessions at they do get quite hot to the hand, which can be pretty uncomfortable. If you do most of your consumption at home, then consider an at-home portable herb vape like the Arizer Solo 2.


It’s definitely an improvement across the board! In summary they’ve changed the following; the cleaning process, flavor chamber slightly, battery door issues, top lid issues, improved airflow, added variable airflow, added a Dosing Control system, improved the pearl, added a dosing capsule, improved thermal management, and changed the physical finish on the device.

Whether or not this is worth the increased price is up to you. We say it’s worth it to just invest and forget, as DaVinci will handily sort you out if anything happens to go wrong. The new dosing control system is the biggest change we like, and it’s definitely worth it if you’re the type who likes to be in charge of that.

We’re actually happier with the upgrades in the IQ2 than in the Crafty+. We wouldn’t say it’s a complete game-changer, but it’s definitely an improvement that improved on the original IQ in a lot of aspects. If you already have an IQ, then it may not be worth it to upgrade. If you’ve been eyeing an IQ already though, than the IQ2 I think is worth the extra coins.

Here are some DaVinci IQ2 and IQ tips & tricks to have them working even better for you:

  • Grind your herb finely and pack it down a bit. This works better with conduction vapes like the DaVinci IQ/2.
  • Take a slow and long draw rather than a hard rip if you want to maximize vapor output and extraction.
  • You can vape other herbs or stuff them in the flavor chamber. Some of there are herbs like sage, thyme, peppermint, damiana, blue lotus, and others! Check out DaVinci’s list on the alternative herbs to vape on!
  • The smart paths are a fun way to automatically increase temperature throughout your sessions, starting low for flavor and ending high for effects!
  • The stir stick conveniently stows away inside the device, allowing you to easily stir the bowl halfway through a session for even extraction.

12 comments on DaVinci IQ2 vs IQ Comparison Review: Is smarter, better?

  1. Avatar for Leroy J. Leroy J. says:

    If cleaning the DaVinci IQ2 is easier than the first than consider me sold lol! I had the original DaVinci IQ and really like it but cleaning it was a total PITA and so I bought something easy to clean. This new one seems way better though so I’m really tempted to buy it now. Hard choice, see if my old hag will approve my buy!

  2. Avatar for Will P. Will P. says:

    Hmm I would agree with this review though I would like to add to some of these points. Having both devices I would absolutely say the IQ2 is a better device however not an absolutely huge change. The dosing control system being my absolute favorite and why I would prefer the IQ2 any day of the week.
    The device doesn’t get quite as hot as well which is really nice and one of the biggest flaws of the old DaVinci IQ. The cleaning is definitely easier like they said in the review but the flavor chamber is now much smaller.
    I liked to put sage and lavender in the flavor chamber of the old DaVinci IQ and it would give huge differences in taste. With the new IQ you can’t even fit a half of what you could in the old one. A bit unfortunate I say but worth the sacrifice for the better product.

  3. Avatar for Dupois Q. Dupois Q. says:

    Ty for the DaVinci iq vs iq2 comparison can u make a review of the DaVinci IQ2 vs crafty+ vape? wondering which vape to buy and I think I will go with the davinci iq2 unless the crafty is better? Ty

  4. Avatar for Louis. F Louis. F says:

    This review convinced me to buy the DaVinci IQ2 thanks!

  5. Avatar for Porter A. Porter A. says:

    Is the davinci iq2 really better than the iq? I just bought the IQ but was wondering if I should send it back and return it or something idk thanks.

    1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

      They are very similar with some minor differences which are mentioned on this review.

  6. Avatar for Bartek F. Bartek F. says:

    Good vapes can u do a davinci iq2 vs firefly 2+ review?

  7. Avatar for Francene F. Francene F. says:

    As the owner of a DaVinci IQ2 (never got to try the IQ original so sorry I can’t do a DaVinci IQ vs IQ2 comparison), I think it’s a stellar unit! Which it is quite expensive and my wife was pissed I spent so much on it, she loves the color and eventually ended up using it more than me! It’s quite attractive and well-built and while I haven’t use the smart path settings to heat it up or the Bluetooth app yet.

  8. Avatar for Ryan W. Ryan W. says:

    Does the davinci iq ios app work still? Wondering about buying the davinci iq but will it work with my iPhone?

    1. Avatar for Shumama Shumama says:

      After some very sad deaths linked to vaping in the US, Apple decided not to carry any kind of app which was linked to vaping in any way. Certainly in the UK, the app is not available for iPhone. I think the same for smartphones too.

  9. Avatar for Quintin D. Quintin D. says:

    I love my old DaVinci IQ and yes I agree with some of the points here. Cleaning sucks and it certainly gets too hot, however I’ve had mine for around 3 years, since it released and it still works perfectly fine. Pretty impressive with the unit really and maybe I should upgrade to the IQ2 since I love the IQ

  10. Avatar for Dale R. Dale R. says:

    I think Ill just get the davinci iq 2 save money because it doesn’t look like the iq2 is worth the money.

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