Firefly 2+ (Plus) Review – 2020 updated!

Author Rating: 8.3/10

Ease of Use: 8/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 9/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

When you make the decision to buy a Firefly vape, you are making an investment in a premium device. Most people who own a Firefly vaporizer seem to be happy with their purchasing decision. The Firefly 2 vaporizer established itself as an innovative device with great vapor quality, a strong battery, and customizable heat settings.

The new Firefly 2+ vape makes some upgrades over its predecessor, including better airflow and increased portability. Is the price of the Firefly 2 Plus worth it? Let’s get into it.

Note: We’ve refreshed some details here in mid-late 2020 to keep everything relevant!

Product Features:

  • Innovative Design
  • Instant Heat Up Time
  • Fast Charging
  • Delicious Vapor Quality
  • Glass Vapor Path
  • Dual Functionality
  • True Convection Device

How it Works and Ease of Use:

The Firefly 2+ vape is designed for an experienced user of vaporizers, so operating the device takes a session or two until you get the hang of it. After a solid session or two, most vape enthusiasts tend to have few or no issues with it. There are no buttons or switches on the Firefly 2 Plus.

This innovative weed vape has sensors where you hold it and heats up instantly when you do so. The Firefly 2+ vaporizer has an auto-shutoff feature, which powers down the device when not in use.

Let’s get something straight though – the FireFly 2 takes technique and learning to use. Grind consistency, pack method, and draw technique all play into the vapor quality of this unit.

Once you learn it, it’s rather simple – however for sharing or complete newbies, it’s not quite the greatest unit.

Side Sensor

Firefly 2+ Temperature Settings:

The Firefly 2+ vape has a temperature range of 105°C – 260°C. Without using the smartphone app, it offers seven preset temperatures. When using the app, you get a lot more customizable temperature options, at ten-degree intervals. For vaping weed flower, the sweet spot where the Firefly 2 Plus vape works best is right around 175°C. When vaporizing with the included concentrate pads, we recommend around 225°C. The precision controls with the smartphone app set this device apart from many of its competitors, outside of perhaps the PAX 3.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Temp Settings

Heating System and Chamber Size:

The Firefly 2+ vape boasts true convection heating. This device could very well offer the fastest heat-up time of all portable vaporizers. The chamber size on the Firefly 2 Plus vape isn’t the largest, as you can load about 0.15 grams of dry herb into this device. We recommend that you don’t grind your dry herbs down to finely and not pack this vape too tightly. If the herb is grounded too finely, it can pass through the glass air path and get stuck in the mouthpiece which then reduces airflow.

One of the great parts about this unit is that you can microdose easily due to its instantaneous convection heating that won’t overcook your herbs after one rip but one downside with this vaporizer is the chamber needs to be stirred after every 3-4 puffs similar to the Pax 3.

Firefly 2+ (Plus)

Firefly 2 Plus Vapor Quality:

The vapor quality on the Firefly 2+ is truly exceptional. You’ll get delicious flavor and all of the terpene profiles from your favorite dry herbs. We think it works best with herbs, but it’s definitely solid when vaping with the concentrate pads as well.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Glass Vapor Pathway

The original Firefly 2 vape draw resistance left a little bit to be desired for some users, so the brand made the call to upgrade the airflow. This was a great move, giving the Firefly 2+ an airflow upgrade of 33 percent. This upgrade to the device lets you blow thicker clouds than that of the original model but still not quite as thick of clouds as some other vapes like the Mighty.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Mouthpiece

Even in 2020 the Firefly 2+ has some of the best vapor quality around. If you’re willing to work for the hits, you can get very satisfying and dense clouds. That’s not to mention that the flavor from the FireFly2 is practically second to none – it’s incredibly rich and pure!

However, it takes effort to get hits of that quality and other vaporizers in 2020 come quite close without effort needed.

2+ Battery Life:

The Firefly 2+ has a strong 7.4V Li-Ion battery which is 770mAh and for us lasted about just about an hour, and most users tend to get around 5 or 6 sessions out of one charge. The charge-up time is fast with this device as well, taking only about 45 minutes – thanks to the USB 3.0 charging cradle. With the original Firefly 2 an extra battery was included but with the Firefly 2 Plus you only get one battery.

Battery Life

This vape doesn’t offer pass-through charging, but you do have the option to buy an external charger for it. There are portable vaporizers that do have a longer battery life, such as the Mighty or the Solo 2 but with longer charge time, most Firefly 2+ owners don’t have any problems with the battery life.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Charger

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality:

The Firefly 2+ carries a premium price tag, and its build quality reflects that. The heating chamber is made from ceramic superalloy, and the air path is all borosilicate glass. The magnesium alloy finish on the body of the Firefly 2+ is durable and looks cool. While this is an attractive weed vape, we tend to think the DaVinci IQ or the Zues ARC GT is a bit sexier, but that’s just our opinion.

Portability & Size

Portability and Discreetness:

The original Firefly 2 weed vape was fairly portable, but there are more portable and discreet vaporizers for sale today. The Firefly 2+ is fairly small and is lighter than the original. Users of the Firefly 2 Plus easily fit the device in their pockets. It is about five inches high and weighs in at about five ounces. There isn’t too much odor from vaping weed, and even less when using the device with concentrates.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Logo

Firefly 2+ Accessories

This device comes with one 770mAh battery that is rechargeable, a USB 3.0 cable and charging dock, 1 liquid pad for vaping concentrates and 3 isopropyl wipes for cleaning. You also get a respectable 2-year warranty, which covers any defects you might encounter with the Firefly 2+.


How to Clean The Firefly 2+ (Plus):

Most Firefly 2+ owners have to clean their devices after every two sessions or so, which is a bit higher maintenance than other vaporizers. The unit can accumulate grime faster than most vaporizers. It is important to keep in mind that when you are vaping with high quality dry herbs, you’ll have to clean any weed vape more often than if you load them with ‘schwag’. We recommend taking a cleaning product like the ZEUS Grime Sticks to the tiny holes that are next to the mouthpiece to optimize airflow. 

Summary and Comparison:

The Firefly 2+ vaporizer offers some of the tastiest, highest quality vapor on of any device you can buy right now accept a couple vapes like the Mighty or the Crafty. The materials used in manufacturing are top-notch. The smartphone app adds customizable temperature options, which is highly innovative. When it comes to smartphone app integration, the only device you can really compare this one to currently is the PAX 3.

There have been two consistent knocks on the device. One is that when using just the 7 present temperatures on the Firefly 2+ vaporizer, it can seem unnecessarily complicated. The other is that there is no indicator to tell you the temperature at which you’re vaping weed. These drawbacks are relatively minor in our humble opinion.

All in all, it’s still a great unit at an albeit high cost. If you’re really into the terpene profiles and vapor quality of your herb, then this is the ultimate unit for that. For everyday ease of use and function though it’s not quite the greatest.

We think that when sitting down for a cup of coffee or tea on the balcony or porch, this unit particularly excels. It goes well with a cold press coffee and craft brew sort of experience!

What do you think about our Firefly 2+ vaporizer review? Do you own one of these herb vaporizers? If so, how would you rate it? Let us know in the comments.

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