How to clean and use your wax pen/e-rig!

So you’ve just bought yourself a fancy new wax pen vaporizer or e-rig. You might be at a loss on exactly what to do though. Fret not, we’ve made a handy dandy little guide on how to clean and use your wax pen or e-rig!

Stay tuned for some valuable tips & tricks on how to use your concentrates vaporizer in the best way.

Using the right material

What can you use in a wax vape? Well, there are a few things you want to avoid! Obviously, you can’t use dry herb in a wax vaporizer. That’s a given.

We also don’t recommend the use kief or hashish in a wax vaporizer. While we’ve seen people use extremely high quality hash in e-rigs before, we’d recommend against it since it’ll get very dirty and you’ll likely end up with some form of combustion.

You can however use anything such as live resin, rosin, diamonds, sauce, budder, BHO, shatter, and other honey-like concentrates. If it’s sticky and golden in color, you’re likely good to go!

Different Types of waxy oils

Choosing your favorite temperature

Hit it too hot and you’ll get a real roasty and heavy hit. Hit to too cold and well, you won’t get anything at all.

Most wax pens operate off a set voltage, meaning their temperature will climb continuously with no end point. This is akin to driving a manual car as your technique will make a different as to the hit you get.

If your wax pen coils are glowing, it’s too hot! Go low and slow to start to get the best flavor and terpene profile from your concentrates.

E-rigs and such have more finesse and control associated with their temperatures, so you won’t have to worry about hitting it too hot.

Choosing your favorite temperature

How to load your wax pen or e-rig

Yes, wax is a sticky and sometimes annoying mess to deal with. We highly recommend pre-warming the coils or atomizer a bit before loading your wax! Don’t go too hot or else you’ll just vaporizer your materials right away though.

This can be done by pulsing the power button a few times, just hot enough for your sticky sap to melt onto the coils or atomizer.

For first timers, it’s better to start with less rather than more, since you’re less likely to make a mess or waste some material.

How to load your wax pen or e-rig

How to properly clean your e-rig or wax pen.

Wax is messy. That’s just a fact of how wax pens and e-rigs are. Thankfully our friend isopropyl alcohol makes quick work of any build-up and grime.

If you can, heat up your atomizer a bit to help loosen any grime, and then go to work with a few cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol. We also find the Zeus cleaning kit very useful as the kit includes pre soaked cotton swabs, pre soaked wipes, bristle cleaners and a bottle of cleaning solution to soak your vaporizer parts inside.

A wax atomizer is a different story and you’ll likely want to let it soak for 30 minutes in a small glass of isopropyl alcohol. This may or not be successful depending on your atomizer/coil setup.

Keeping your wax vape clean and tidy is instrumental towards getting consistent performance and full of the right flavors. Don’t skimp out on cleaning – you’ll get frustrated as time goes by!

Cleaning a dab rig

Other tips & tricks for your wax vaporizer.

  • Always keep your batteries topped up! Wax pens work best when their battery is able to supply the voltage needed.
  • Use water! A water pipe (bong) is an excellent addition to any wax pen and gives you that well-needed filtration to help smooth the dab-like hit.
  • Keep it clean. Wax pens and e-rigs can quickly go from hero to zero if they get clogged or taste like burnt wax. Cleaning should be a top priority to having a healthy rig.
  • Less is more! A little goes a long way and when you use too much you run the risk of scorching & wasting plenty of your concentrates. It helps to keep maintenance down too.

Hope this helped out!

We hope our tips & tricks towards using and cleaning your e-rig or wax pen helped out! If you’ve got any questions at all, feel free to drop us a comment and we’ll hep you out right away.

Check out our How to use a dry herb vaporizer guide to find out all about that side of the spectrum.

Thanks for tuning and until next time, stay easy guys 🙂

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