Why Vaping is Better for Your Health than Smoking?

After years of research and scientific consensus, it’s no secret that smoking anything is dangerous for your health and could possibly kill you in the long run. The same appears to be true for smoking cannabis or other herbs as well – vaping is clearly the healthier option. Just exactly how much safer is vaping cannabis or tobacco products compared to smoking? We will explore the available facts of smoking versus vaping for both cannabis and tobacco in this article. We will present the facts and you can be the judge.

The Evidence is Abundantly Clear

At this point, it’s a widely accepted fact that vaping is healthier than smoking. Of course, there are some questionable news outlets that make claims where vaping can increase teenage smoking habits, that vaporizers can blow up in your face when someone uses them, and all sorts of sensationalized nonsense. The truth of the matter is that vaping is flat out a better choice than smoking. Last year, Cancer Research U.K. conducted a study that observed participants who had switched from smoking tobacco to vaping e-liquids over the course of a 16-month period. They found a drastic reduction in the presence of cancer-causing carcinogens and other toxins in the participant’s bodies, compared to that of when they first started and decided to quit.

The reason that vaping is better for you is because e-liquids do not contain tobacco. Instead, they contain nicotine, the active ingredient in cigarettes, cigars and chew. Vaping e-juice that contains nicotine is certainly not completely harmless, but the evidence clearly shows us that it is a healthier alternative that could add years to your life if you switch from being a smoker. If you switch from smoking to vaping, your clothes and fingers won’t reek of cigarettes or cigars, you might get rid of smoker’s cough, and you might end up seeing your teeth become whiter and more attractive. Nicotine is still a potentially harmful substance, so there might still be risks involved with vaping. Additionally, the impact that inhaling propylene glycol has on user’s health is still not completely known or understood – but making the switch to vaporization is definitely one that is will have a positive effect on your health, longevity and well being. So that’s the scientific evidence for the benefits of switching to smoking tobacco to vaping nicotine products, but what about cannabis?

Laws Hinder Vaping Research for Cannabis

Obviously, we’ve been discussing the studies that have been done indicating how vaping e-liquids is better for your health than that of smoking tobacco, but what are the studies being done on marijuana smoking versus vaporization? The unfortunate answer is that there really isn’t much scientifically researched, peer-reviewed information available that is specific to vaping cannabis. The reason for this is the same reason that there is an abundant lack of cannabis research in just about every area you can imagine – and this due to the war on drugs, the illegality of cannabis and the restrictions that far too many countries place on the plant medicine.

Common sense obviously will tell us that combusting plant matter and inhaling the smoke is more harmful to your health than vaporizing it – simply because vaporization contains no smoke and potentially prevents the user from ingesting harmful chemicals. Additionally, it is a common consensus in the cannabis community that vaping your herbs, dabbing or using a vape pen will allow you to open up the full profile of the plant and taste the nuanced terpenes and other compounds of different strains of the plant. It would be great for the industry as a whole if we could get some confirmation of this within the scientific community.

Up until this point, though, that is anecdotal evidence that needs to be scrutinized in a laboratory setting. As the layers of cannabis prohibition are pulled back in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and elsewhere, we should see more much-needed tests confirming what vaporization enthusiasts pretty much already know – that vaping is better for you than smoking. There is a bit of a crossover between vaping cannabis and vaping nicotine e-juice, when it comes to wax vape pens especially – because many wax pens also allow you fill them with your favorite e-juice. Many users who vape with their cannabis wax pens also enjoy vaping nicotine e-juice. There could be an argument made that the safest possible way to ingest cannabis is to eat it, but you need a lot more to feel the effects when eating it than you do vaping it.

What do you think? Is vaping better for your health and financial wellness than that of smoking? Are you a former smoker who has made the decision to switch to vaping? Let us know your thoughts and experiences.

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