Volcano Hybrid VS Arizer Extreme Q – Desktop Vaporizer Battle

Desktop vaporizers have been kind of phasing out of the vaporizer market within the last few years, but the Volcano Hybrid from Storz and Bickel could mean that they are making somewhat of a comeback. In addition to its legendary vapor quality, the latest version of the Volcano adds the ability to vape with both a whip and or a balloon, as well as Bluetooth capability and a detachable power cord. However, its steep price does prevent most vape lovers from even thinking of buying it.

Up against the Volcano Hybrid, is the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer from Arizer. The Arizer is much more affordable while still offering good vapor quality, a quiet fan, remote controls, and precise temperature settings.

When we review vaporizers, we have sections that discuss battery life and portability/ discreetness. Since we are comparing two at-home desktop vaporizers here, those sections aren’t necessary. For full, in-depth coverage of the Hybrid and the Extreme Q, check out our review on each one!

Which desktop vaporizer will reign supreme in today’s matchup? What is the best desktop vaporizer  – is it one of these two? Keep reading our Volcano Hybrid VS Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer comparison to find out.

How They Work and Ease of Use

How to Use Volcano Hybrid

Desktop units are typically more difficult to use than portable vaporizers, and that holds true here. Both of these devices require a bit of a learning curve, but vaping with the Volcano Hybrid is a little bit simpler than that of the Arizer Extreme Q. The straightforward digital display and smartphone app with the Hybrid desktop vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is a little bit easier to understand, but the remote control on the Arizer EQ doesn’t take a rocket scientist. 

The Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid would take the win here if we were looking strictly at taking the unit out of the box and firing them up. However, the Arizer EQ desktop vaporizer is easier to keep clean – just take some isopropyl alcohol and soak the glass components for a little while. The Volcano Hybrid has a lot of accessories and parts – like chambers, screens, etc. This makes the Hybrid a little bit more difficult to maintain, and therefore this round is a tie!

How to Use Extreme Q

Winner – Tie

Temperature Settings

The precision temperature settings on the Volcano Hybrid from Storz and Bickel are 40°C – 230 °C. The Arizer Extreme Q also has precision temperature controls that range from 50°C – 260°C. The EQ takes about 30 seconds to heat up, and the Hybrid desktop vaporizer takes about 90 seconds to do so. The Volcano Hybrid does fill up a balloon more quickly, though. However, the fact that there are higher temperatures and shorter heat-up time with the EQ gives it the win for this round.

Winner – Arizer Extreme Q

Temperature Settings
Temperature Display

Volcany Hybrid vs Extreme Q Heating System

Both of these devices have powerful heating, producing really tasty herb. They both have the ability to vape concentrates, but that’s not a strong aspect of either one. The heater on the EQ is solid for what it is, and the Canadian brand Arizer took special care to make sure the fact was as quiet as possible. However, the Hybrid gets the win in this round because it is the only device anywhere that can say it has a new heating technology called double helix. This heating system is unlike any other vaporizer on the market – portable, desktop, or wax pen. 

Winner – Volcano Hybrid

Hybrid Heating Element
Heating Element

Hybrid VS Q Vapor Quality

Both of these devices offer great vapor quality. The EQ desktop vaporizer offers delicious vapor flavor and smoothness and fairly decent sized clouds. However, any true vape connoisseur will know that nothing compares to a Storz and Bickel. For 20 years, Volcano devices have been producing thick, milky clouds that are tasty and smooth. The Volcano Hybrid is one of the best devices that money can buy, period. 

Winner – Volcano Hybrid

Volcano Hybrid Vapor Quality
Extreme Q Vapor Quality

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality

We have always thought that the EQ from the Candian company Arizer looks kind of like a coffee maker, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The remote control lets you decide the fan speed of the EQ and the blue light at the base looks pretty cool. For the price, you are getting a solid desktop vaporizer that is affordable and looks alright. 

The classic Volcano from Storz and Bickel could only be used with a balloon attachment, which was an advantage for the EQ for years. The new Volcano Hybrid changes all of that, adding the ability to vape with a whip attachment. 

With that in mind, nothing beats German engineering from Storz and Bickel. The Volcano is more durable and powerful, and most consumers think it just looks like it’s higher quality. With that much of a price difference between these two desktop vaporizers, that should be expected.

Both of these devices come with a lot of accessories that will let you unbox and start vaping quickly. However, the accessories that come with the Hybrid could possibly be sold for as much as the EQ actually costs itself. Check out our Volcano Hybrid review for in-depth details on the included accessories. 

Volcano Hybrid VS Extreme Q Manufacturing Quality

Winner – Volcano Hybrid

Bottom Line

Unfortunately for the EQ, this wasn’t really a fair fight at all, even from the beginning. While the EQ does offer a bit higher of a temperature range and holds its own against other desktop vaporizers in its price range, few devices are much of a match for the Volcano Hybrid. 

The vapor quality, durability, and longevity and loaded accessories kit that comes with the Volcano Hybrid are simply unparalleled. If you are looking for a desktop vaporizer that will fit a budget, you could do much worse than the Arizer Extreme Q. But few, if any vaporizers can compete with the Volcano Hybrid from Storz and Bickel. 

What do you think about our Volcano Hybrid VS Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer comparison? What is the best desktop vaporizer  – is it one of these two? Were we accurate in our assessment? Let us know.

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