Zeus Smite Review

Author Rating: 7.8/10

Ease of Use: 7/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 9/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

The Canada-based Zeus brand first got its started with a wax pen called the Thunder. With their release of the Zeus Smite vaporizer, they offer an affordable little dry herb device that packs a solid punch. Is the Zeus Smite vape worthy of its Godly name? Keep reading our Zeus Smite vaporizer review and find out more!

Product Features:

  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Impressively Long Battery Life
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • Durable Build
  • Highly Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Solid Vapor Quality

How To Use the Zeus Smite and Ease of Use:

The Zeus Smite vape is extremely easy to use, and is operated with only one single button. To remove the glass mouthpiece, just move the panel over to reveal the compartment and slide the mouthpiece out. Then, load up your dry herb after sliding the panel out to reveal the chamber. Attach the mouthpiece to the top and hit the power button 5 times rapidly. You’re ready to go. 

Zeus Smite How it Works

Zeus Smite’s Temperature Settings:

The Zeus Smite vaporizer has three pre-set temperatures: 196 Celsius, 204 Celsius, and 221 Celsius. The LED light around the power button indicates the current temperature – blue is the lowest, purple is the middle, and red is the highest.

The Zeus Smite vape heats up in about 45 seconds, which is neither the best, nor the worst. The majority of Zeus Smite vape users seem to get the best experience with the mid-range temperature, as the smoothness is still there and the clouds are still big enough to satisfy.

Temp. Settings

Heating System and Chamber:

The Zeus Smite vaporizer uses conduction heating. The chamber is made from ceramic and isn’t the biggest you’ll find on the market today – but that is to be expected with such a compact device. Most users get about 5 solid rips before they need to reload.

Zeus Smite Chamber Size

Smite’s Vapor Quality:

The Zeus Smite vape has some solid vapor quality, and the production is good as well. The ceramic heating chamber and glass mouthpiece help preserve the flavor profiles and terpenes of you favorite strains. The smoothness is pretty good too, and it’s not too harsh on the throat.

Vapor Quality

Smite’s Battery Life:

The Zeus Smite vaporizer has some of the most impressive battery life we’ve ever seen, lasting up to a full three hours of continuous use. We were really impressed with the strong lithium-ion battery, especially because of how compact this powerful little unit is. The long battery life is a welcome feature, because you might want to have two or three bowls in one session, due to the smaller size of the heating chamber.

Battery Life

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality:

The Zeus Smite build is solid and durable. It doesn’t feel cheaply made. We can tell that the Zeus brand paid attention to producing a well-made device. Its shell is made of anodized aluminum, and features a ceramic heating chamber. Its dimensions are 10.4 X 6 X 2.2 cm.

The glass mouthpiece is stored internally when not in use, which is a nice feature. It looks similar to the Utillian brand units like the 421 and 420, and cost about the same. The Zeus Smite looks a little bit more attractive than those devices, we think.

Manufacturing Quality

Portability and Discreetness:

The Zeus Smite vape is super compact and portable, and will easily fit in the palm of any hand or in any bag. The edges on the Zeus Smite vape are nice and rounded, and the rectangular shape is easy to handle. The fact that the mouthpiece fits easily inside of the device when not in use is a nice touch, and helps to increase its portability.

If you’re trying to be discreet and you’re in the dark, the LED lights might attract some unwanted attention, but you can easily conceal those with your finger. Setting the temperature on the lowest setting also keeps the odor to a minimum, which helps to add to the discreetness.

Zeus Smite Size

What Comes With the Zeus Smite Vape?

The Zeus Smite vape comes with a USB charger, a set of screens, a packing tool, a cleaning brush, and a glass mouthpiece. The unit also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Zeus Smite Accessories

How to Clean the Zeus Smite:

Most users don’t seem to need to spend too much time keeping their Zeus Smite vaporizer good and clean. Take the cleaning brush to the heating chamber and the screens after a session to remove any build up or residue.

It’s a good idea to also take some Q-Tips soaked in isopropyl alcohol to the glass mouthpiece to remove any kind of bacteria, especially if you’re passing the device around and enjoying a nice session with friends. Keeping any vaporizer clean is essential for ensuring that you always get the best tasting hits.

Adding another Zeus product to your order, like the Grime Sticks, will help you keep the unit nice and clean for a long time. These handy sticks are easy to use and let you avoid the hassle of dipping your Q-Tips in the alcohol container and risk potential spills.

Summary and Comparison:

For the price of the Zeus Smite vaporizer, you’re getting a solid device that offers an impressively long battery life, durable build, high portability and solid vapor quality. It’s not the most advanced portable vaporizer on the planet, but that’s okay – especially for newbies. More experienced vaporizer users might want a device that can pack more dry herbs, comes with the option for vaping concentrates, uses precision temperature controls and uses convection heating.

A comparison to the Zeus Smite vape is something from the Utillian brand – either the Utillian 421 or 721 are priced similarly and have a similar build.

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7 comments on Zeus Smite Review

  1. Avatar for Jordan H. Jordan H. says:

    First one unfortunately came broken but customer service was quick to replace it with a shiny new unit and it works perfectly! Its small and convenient and does the trick pretty well. I think it’s the best weed vaporizer for the money but I haven’t tried others so maybe that’s bs idk but im happy with it!

  2. Avatar for Michael J. Michael J. says:

    I think this vape is good but better exist for just a little more. I tried the Arizer Air vape and I think it was way way better but of course more expensive and idk if its worth it to spend more. This thing is good enough for me and I like to share it with 2-3 friends. Good customer service too helped me learn how to load the zeus smite!

  3. Avatar for Mohammad R. Mohammad R. says:

    This is my first dry herb vaporizer and I think it’s a perfect beginners weed vape! I haven’t really smoked more than a couple times before getting this device but I can already tell I way prefer the high from vaping vs smoking. The taste is quite good for the first couple hits but dies down a bit after a couple of draws.
    I found using finely ground weed and packing it down in the chamber is the best way of how to use the zeus smite. Way better results, better clouds, stronger hits and a bigger high. I’ll admit I’m not a heavy smoker by any means so perhaps it’s not the same for other people but it gets me quite high just off a single bowl!

  4. Avatar for Dustin L. Dustin L. says:

    This was my first weed vaporizer and it still has a nice spot in my heart even if it doesn’t quite come close to my other vaporizers. My others ones hit quite a bit harder with nicer flavor and are easier to clean (Arizer Solo 2) but this is a really good starter and portable vape in my eyes. Nice battery life, really simple to use, and well priced. Can’t go wrong really

  5. Avatar for Khalid M. Khalid M. says:

    AK-47 and Gorilla Glue #4 my fave strains and thru my ZEUS I really love it. Taste way stronger and I notice a huge difference between the 2 strains. Top battery life tastes a lifetime peace thanks for the good vape

  6. Avatar for James T. James T. says:

    Shipping 10/10 customer service 10/10 product 8/10 price 9/10 overall: Judge for urself! I use a lot less weed and a full bowl normally gets me to an 8/10 high which is pretty good since I use pretty small amount of weed then.

  7. Avatar for Tyler P. Tyler P. says:

    Really good battery life its quite portable, I like how the mouthpiece hides away inside the unit. I was torn between this and the Magic Flight Launch Box and I think I made the right decision because people seem to have problems with those but I haven’t had an issue with this one. Looks like a power bank and my family just thinks its another e-cig vape. Score!!

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