Best 510 herb vape atomizers around – Which is the best?

510 herb atomizers have becoming more popular recently and it’s easy to see why – huge customization, versatility, and performance in a well-priced and attractive package. Letting you choose the stem, mod, batteries, and even firmware powering these devices, 510 weed atomizers are picking up tracking in the herb vape community.

We go over our 6 favorite 510 herb vapes and let you know why! Check out our list here to find the best 510 herb vapes you can.

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ModPodLabs Stempod OG / Stempod Si

The Stempod OG and Stempod Si are rather similar in performance, separated by mild differences in price and materials. The Si is rather made of silicone while the OG is made of stainless steel with a silicone outer. In the end, they both have the same foundation and give equal performance.

That is, very good vapor quality! The powerful convection coils heat up within seconds and deliver powerful hits of top notch vapor. Smooth, great flavor, and huge rips, the Stempod hits hard and for a very good price.

However, the Stempods are better suited for tinkerers and hobbyists. You can change out the coils, use wattage or temperature control modes, and play around with different stem combinations. Toying with firmware’s, resistances, and TCR algorithms may be a bit intimidating, but it’s well worth the learning curve for the performance benefit.

ModPodLabs Stempod Si Atomizer

RBT Splinter / SplinterZ

One of the first to the concept, RastaBuddhaTao and the Splinter/SplinterZ rapidly changed the 510 herb vape market by introducing a friendly, attractive, and hard-hitting herb vape. While there is still a learning curve to the setup as with and 510-threaded herb vape. 

The Splinter is a great choice and often found at solid prices. However, it does require quite a bit of power, isn’t the most portable, and stem options are limited as it uses a somewhat proprietary stem. Still, you get amazing flavor and vapor quality from its super strong convection heater and it works in both TCR (temperature control) and wattage modes very well.

The Splinter does great with herb and alright with wax, though not as well as some of the others. The Splinter Z is a larger and beefier version of the Splinter and hits even harder at the expense of size. Check out our RBT Splinter review for more info on the devices!

RastaBuddhaTao Splinter Atomizer

MistVape Imp

The Imp is around a year old now and one of the few smaller 510 herb vapes around. Using a 14mm diameter connection unlike the TetraX/Splinter/StemPod, the Imp reduces its carry size significantly, making it a much better on-the-go, portable herb vape. It sacrifices just a bit in the performance category, but still hits hard and with great flavor.

Carefully crafted from gorgeous wood and a lot of custom parts, it’s a very nice piece and the short or wood mouthpiece makes it ideal when out and about. Not to mention that the stainless steel coils are replicable, giving you endless versatility. A single battery mod will do just fine and if you want a portable 510 herb vape, then the MistVape Imp is likely your best choice.

To boot, it does excellent with wax as well as dry herb, and the craftsmanship itself is well worth the price. It works in both temperature control and wattage mode just fine, but we do prefer TCR in the end. Check out our Mistvape Imp review here for more of our thoughts on it!

Mistvape 510 Atomizer

Dreamwood Glow

Like the Mistvape Imp, the Dreamwood Glow is made in 14mm sizes as well as a slightly larger 18mm. Crafted by a German artisan from over the pond, it’s hands down the most attractive of the bunch. Elegant, attractive, and well-designed, it takes the concept that the others have worked on and gives it a special touch.

While the 14mm version comes default with only a kanthal coil and only viable in wattage mode, the 18mm comes with a steel coil for use with TCR too. Of course, you can swap out these coils yourself for full versatility. The results are similar with the powerful convection heating element warming up very fast and delivering top notch vapor.

It does quite well with wax, but not as well as the Imp or Stempod varients with their tightly wound coils. If you’re on the European side of the world, perhaps the Glow is the best one to go for, as you’ll save a lot on shipping and import fees.

Dreamwood Glow 510 Atomizer

DC Gen 2

The cheapest option on this list but certainly not bad by any means, the DC Gen 2 by Divine Crossing is a conduction based 510 weed vape. The others are convection based, which many connoisseurs seem to prefer for the flavor and on-demand aspect. With that being said, the vapor quality is still quite impressive and definitely worth the price.

The vapor is surprisingly dense and has great flavor for the first few hits, but takes on that burnt popcorn flavor that most conduction vapes like the Pax 3 emit. For what you pay though, this little 510 atomizer hits real well and is definitely worth it, even just to keep as a backup unit.

It does get quite warm and we definitely say its worth it to run in temperature control mode as wattage mode is a lot less reliable than with the other 510 weed vape tanks. A great pick if you’re on a budget, the DC Gen 2 herb vape attachment brings the A game for a budget herb vape price tag.

DC Gen 2 510 Atomizer

Lamart TetraX

The strangest yet certainly the most powerful unit on this list, the TetraX by Lamar is a bit different than the other offerings. Threading on with the 510 connection, it’s linked by a wrapped cable which is both flexible yet cumbersome. It has by far the biggest size of any unit and not exactly a portably dry herb vape in the sense that you can take it around with you on the go.

However, the performance is immense and easily bests all the above units. The convection heating element is hugely powerful and can clear huge bowls with ease. The flavor is pure thanks to the glass vapor path and overall it’s one of the best dry herb vapes, period. 

Carefully handmade in Switzerland, getting a hold of one is a bit tough as they’re custom made on request. It’s well worth the wait and the reasonable price tag to grab a piece which even keep up with some of the heaviest hitting desktop weed vapes like the Arizer Extreme Q. Impressive indeed, it’s definitely worth it if you’re not so concerned about size and portability.


And there you have it, our list of the best 510-threaded herb vapes! While there are a few more out there, we wouldn’t quite recommend them as they’re known to combust and be pretty bad. Hopefully you found a 510 dry herb vape tank that you like! If you love convection but don’t’ see something you like, hop on over to the Best convection herb vapes list for more!

As for the mod, we highly recommend one that support ArcticFox, Tubo_MyEvic or Sur_MyEvic firmwares for best performance. Use only the best 18650 batteries like a Sony VTC5/6, LG HG2, Samsung 30Q, or other to ensure safety and best performance possible. Thanks for reading and we hope this helped you out!

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