Comparison: Mighty vs Crafty+

We’ve reviewed both the new Crafty+ and Mighty vaporizer before and have come away pretty impressed overall. Storz & Bickel makes a solid product and have the love and a cult following from thousands of people. We compare their two most powerful portable dry herb vapes, the new Crafty+ vs the Mighty. Check out what we have to say about the Mighty vs Crafty+ battle and which one comes out on top!

If you’re looking at buying your first portable dry herb vaporizer, check out our What is a dry herb vaporizer article to learn more about these devices!

How easy are they to use?

They’re both very similar in their ease of use. They both have the same bowl/chamber, dosing capsule system, and draw style. However, the Crafty+ only has 2+1 temperature settings on the device itself while the Mighty offers complete incremental temperature control thanks to its display.  The Crafty+ on the other hand has two programmable temperature settings and an option to boost it up to max temperature using the one button on the device. These settings can be programmed using the Storz & Bickel app.

They both do however have an equal temperature range and come pretty equal to one another. While we do prefer the complete incremental temperature control on the Mighty, the system on the Crafty+ is good enough for most applications.

Mighty VS Crafty Plus

How long do the batteries last?

The new Crafty+ has seen a big boost to the battery life, yielding roughly 5-9 sessions per charge, depending on usage habits. This is fairly good and about the same as the Mighty now, even if the Mighty uses two batteries instead! In fact, they both heat-up in the same amount of time and take roughly the same duration to charge up fully. 

Though, the Crafty+ uses a MicroUSB cable and the Mighty uses a proprietary DC charger. They both have pass-through charging and neither has a removable battery. We give the edge to the Crafty+ here but only barely, due to its incorporation of MicroUSB. Still, we wish the devices had a removable 18650 battery and had USB-C charging. 

Bowl Size & Heating Systems (convection conduction induction?)

They both can fit around 0.25-0.35 grams in the bowl, depending on how much you pack in there and your grind consistency. Using the dosing capsules brings the bowl size down to roughly 0.1-0.15 grams each, which makes them much better for microdosing. They both take around 45-60 seconds to warm up fully, and provide satisfying first hits.

Using similar hybrid heating elements which give a perfect ratio of convection and conduction heat, they both put out really solid vapor. They’re both compatible with waxes/concentrates when using the included liquid pad, though they don’t hit quite as hard as a dedicated wax pen vaporizer would.

They’re quite equal in this regard, however we find the Crafty+ heater to be just a bit more powerful than that on the Mighty.

Mighty VS Crafty Plus Chamber Size

How are the Vapor Qualities?

The Mighty and Crafty+ are known to be kings of the vape world for their robust, delicious, and smooth vapor. With solid flavor, hard hits, and an excellent cooling system, they produce some of the best vapor from any portable dry herb vape. They both have a nice and easy draw, produce consistent AVB, and have isolated vapor paths.

They both perform about the same, which is impressive on the part of the Crafty+ due to its shrunken size. You’ll be hard pressed to find portable herb vapes that produce better vapor quality, but vapes like the Firefly 2+ definitely take the cake in terms of flavor.

How Portable and Discreet are they?

Obviously, the Crafty+ is much smaller than the Mighty and makes for a better portable vaporizer. Hell, Crafty+ can even be mistaken as an e-cig, while the Mighty will certainly generate a few more looks/stares than its smaller brother. Black & Decker power tool anyone? The Mighty also doesn’t fit so well in the pocket as it’s quite bulky and we’re not so fond of this fact.

The Crafty+ on the other hand is certainly much smaller, lighter, and more convenient to take anywhere. Its robust body allows it to be taken anywhere with ease and it makes for one of the best portable herb vaporizers on the market.

They both emit a pretty noticeable amount of smell however, so you should be mindful of that when you’re toking up in places where you maybe shouldn’t! Not as bad as smoking at all, but pretty noticeable!

Mighty VS Crafty Plus Size Comparison

What accessories come with the them?

The new Crafty+ is a bit disappointing in what comes in the box. With the Mighty, you would get an herb grinder, loading funnel, spare o-rings, cleaning brush, stir tool, replacement screens, user manual, dosing capsule and charger.

Included with the Crafty+ is much less, leaving out the cleaning brush, loading funnel, herb funnel, and even charger! We’re a bit disappointed, to say the least, and we wish they included those parts again, especially for the price!

An additional accessory that works great for both the Mighty and Crafty+ is the Mighty/Crafty+ Long Bubbler, the Mighty/Crafty+ Short Bubbler, and the Mighty/Crafty+ Bong Adapter. These provide the power of water-cooled vapor and flavor enhancement for both devices.

Mighty Vaporizer Accessories
Crafty Plus Accessories

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

what’s the build quality?. how long is the manufacturer warranty. are there replacement parts available? price

Storz & Bickel has a legendary reputation and is definitely one of the best manufacturers around. Their state of the art German facility and engineering clearly shows in the reliability and their service. However, we’re not quite so fond of the plastic construction. While it’s pretty durable and definitely safe to use, it just doesn’t feel like a premium product that you paid for.

They both come with a 2 year warranty, with the Crafty+’s warranty able to be extended another year once you register the product. They’re both very high priced, but you get what you pay for in terms of performance, simplicity, and reliability. It’s not wonder why they’re earned the reputation of some of the best dry herb vapes ever made.

Who these vapes are suited for

These devices are really well suited for almost anyone; medical patients, casual stoners, and hardcore users. The dosing capsule system is really great for medical users and functional stoners, while the performance is strong enough to satisfy even those with a very high tolerance. No matter what you throw at these units, they’ll keep on truckin along without issue.

We wouldn’t say that the price:performance ratio is the best and if you’re looking for a budget dry herb vape with similar performance, check out some devices like the Utillian 722 and even the Dynavap M.


They’re both great devices and we’d definitely say the Crafty+ is the one to pick. The Mighty long stood as the best portable weed vape for many years, but the Crafty+ basically matches its performance while being seemingly half the size. We’re sure a Mighty+ is on the horizon and we can’t wait to see what Storz & Bickel brings us.

The vapor quality is top notch, the functionality is incredible, and they’re just so easy and consistent to use. Few vapes can even compare to these two and for good reasons we can see why!On the other hand, they do cost quite a lot and not everyone is down to drop that sum of cash on a portable weed vape. Check out our best budget herb vapes list to see if there’s a different device out there for you!

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