Dynavap M 2020 Review

Author Rating: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10
Temperature Settings: 6/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 10/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

Dynavap has just released pre-orders for their new vape, and so we do a Dynavap M 2020 preview so you can see everything that’s changed! The latest and greatest from them, the 2019 Dynavap M was a big step up from the previous model, the 2018 M! Here, we now see Dynavap has gone again and released another device with some incredible and surprising changes!

They’ve redesigned almost everything – the tip, the cap, the air port, the packaging, and the body in what we think is going to be one of the best dry herb vapes of the year, once again. Check out our new 2020 Dynavap M preview here for more info!

The Cap

The iconic Dynavap cap. How could they change, or improve on it? Well, they managed to improve on it somehow! Witchcraft, we say! The new 2020 Dynavap cap has two small indentations on the side, which will now grip the Dynavap tip better. They call it the ‘Captive Cap’.

This means the cap is much less likely to slide off by mistake, something that has happened to many of us. It will still slide off like normal when using a magnet like on a Dynastash, so no problem there!

Also, the new tip supposedly has stronger clicks both on the cool-down and warm-up. Less likely that you’ll miss the click and a smaller chance of combustion! We can tell you, when three bowls in, we too make the mistake of just letting the tip heat up without me noticing, burning a beautiful bowl of fresh bud by mistake.

Hopefully, the new 2020 Dynavap cap and this improved tactile sensation will help dummies like me from burning it, and also just be a nice overall quality of life improvement. That clicking sensation is almost addicting!


The Tip

Of course, they’ve gone and re-designed the tip again. Rather than grooves and a spiral, they’ve gone and machined some indentations on the tip. We figure this is to match better with the new captive cap and to be honest, it looks pretty cool too!

Those with the 2019M or the Dynavap Ti will recognize the small little teeth on the front of the tip. They’ve improved this even more and it seems like it’ll be even easier to take a ‘bite’ out of your herb.

Personally, we absolutely love this feature on the 2019 Dynavap since you can just press the tip into a nug, rotate it back and forth to take a ‘bite’ from the bud, and then just cap it and heat it! We found grinding the herb to not even be required when doing this, especially with an induction heater!

Also, the tip now has a modular CCD/screen! Just like on the Ti Dynavap tip, you can adjust the screen on the 2020 Dynavap to fit various sizes. If you like microdosing weed, then this is a welcome feature! 

Dynavap M 2020 Tip

The Air Port

They’ve improved the airport with what they call ‘chiral airports’. Cool marketing words aside, there are now two small grooves instead of one main hole, which now makes it easier to tailor and modify the airflow to your liking. Also, it seems easier for your finger to find the airports.  

Too, it supposedly improves turbulence and airflow dynamics to help with overall vapor quality, however we feel like this small difference will be pretty negligible. Still, it’s cool and a very welcome addition. We absolutely love the thoughtful engineering behind the device.

Dynavap Air Port

The Body

Does it ever look beautiful! The 2019 Dynavap M was a nice improvement in tactile feedback and overall aesthetic, but oh boy does the new 2020 Dynavap look nice! From the looks of it, it’ll likely feel and roll a lot better in the fingers, and there are a lot more small details they’ve changed too.

The end now fits 10mm water pipes with ease! The old Dynavaps already fit pretty well, but now it seems to slide in nice and snugly. Paired with a bong adapter or bubbler it’s hard to beat the new experience this can provide!

They’ve done a little bit of machining to make the re-insertion of the condenser and o-rings a little better too, something which is nice as many of us have struggled to get the condenser and o-rings in there perfectly before.

Dynavap M 2020 Body

The Packaging

They’ve done away with plastic! Sadly, this means no more air-tight storage tube that we’ve come to love, but we think this is the right move to do. Dynavap is transitioning to full sustainability, and that means no more disposable plastic. In their research, they found that most people would just throw away the included plastic tube.

The new and attractive corrugated cardboard packaging also doubles as a carrying case, but it’s a bit too bulky and clunky to really be effective for that in our eyes. It is nice to see the push towards sustainability, but we think a better carrying case could’ve been done.



Dynavap is one of the huge innovating forces in the industry and we really commend them for what they’ve done! The new 2020 M seems really awesome and is ready to order!

Check out our best way to heat a Dynavap and the best Dynavap stems blogs to learn more about the Dynvap M 2020!

Thanks for reading, and catch you soon!

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