Author Rating: 8.2/10

Ease of Use: 8/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

The next generation of e-rigs is out in full force, and our Source Versa review will cover this solid little piece. With a 3000mAh battery, USB-C charging, and 15mm bucket insert, it looks to be a promising unit. Check out our Source Versa review here for more info!

How easy is it to use?

The Source Versa is just like all the other e-rigs out there. You can either load your wax before or after the atomizer has warmed up which will give you a slightly different experience.

Dabbing your wax in while the atomizer is already hot will give you a heavy hit right away while cold loading will give you better flavor and multiple, smaller hits.

Alternatively, you can just leave your wax in the atomizer while the device heats up – no matter which method you choose, using the Source Versa is fairly simple.

You can even adjust the session timer up to 90 seconds long and the device will vibrate once it’s ready to hit.

Overall the Source Versa is quite easy to use, however, the variety of insert choices presents a small learning curve.

Source Versa e-rig

How long does the battery last?

At 3000mAh, you get plenty of juice to play with. This device will last a whole day of constant hits and won’t need to be charged if you’re doing an extended group session with friends.

In case you do run out of power, you can top up via USB-C in approx 1.5-2 hours’ time. This is better than any of the other e-rigs out there that we’ve tested and if you’re a heavy hitter who dabs throughout the day, then the Source Versa may be the one.

We say you can get around 15-20 sessions per charge on the Versa.

Bowl Size & Heating System

The biggest atomizer from any e-rig we’ve seen, the Source Versa is seemingly tailored towards heavy hitters. The atomizer selection is excellent too.

You can outfit the Versa with titanium, ceramic, quartz, or SiC inserts. This versatility grants you the ability to finely tune and tailor the dab experience to exactly what you like.

Alongside the inserts, you can use the Magnum or Titan atomizers which favor the flavor side or durability, respectively.

These elements make the Source Versa the most versatile unit in terms of the vapor experience you get and are great for those whole like to tinker with their toys.

Source Versa Heating System

How’s the Vapor Quality?

This depends very much on the atomizer, insert, temperature, and quality of your concentrates.

Regardless of which is chosen, you can really get incredibly vapor quality. In fact, we’d say the Source Versa has the best vapor quality of any e-rig out there right now.

You can get monstrous, lung-busting hits or gentle, delicious clouds depending on your combination and settings.

If you’re a stickler for quality or a connoisseur, then we know which unit we’d recommend to you!

E-rig bubbler with chamber

How Portable and Discreet is it?

It’s larger than most e-rigs out there. While it’s still portable and comes with a quality carrying case, it’s not quite what we’d take on a walk in the park. If you’re looking for the best portable e-rig, check out the G Pen Roam instead!

The aesthetic is quite nice with its sleek black and smokey gray appearance. Still, it’s not very discreet to use and it’s more sizeable than other e-rigs out there.

E-rig size

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

Source Vapes has been newly acquired by the previous owner of FocusVape – who made the FocusVape Carta. With promises to bring a high-quality product and excellent customer service, we have high hopes for the Source Versa.

We’ll have to see how long term reliability holds up, but so far we’re well content with the build quality! Everything is machined well, fits nicely into place, and is easy to take apart.

In fact, this device even comes with a removable reclaim catcher. Give your dabs a second life by re-using them or making edibles from reclaim. Any seasoned dab enthusiast knows how desirable this feature is and is a big reason as to why the Source Versa is so good.

Who is this vaporizer for?

We’d say that the Source Versa is the best e-rig for the connoisseur. Those who like to play with and dial in their perfect experience will be well treated by this vape.

The Puffco Peak Pro is another worthy competitor that focuses more on the user experience and simplicity, while the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo is a healthy middle ground between the two.

Lastly, the G Pen Roam is worth a mention for its excellent portability and innovative design, though it doesn’t quite compare to the Versa in straight-up dab results.


We’re well impressed with the Source Versa for its excellent build quality, hefty battery life, and vapor quality versatility.

3000mAh of power and USB-C sweetens the deal while the removable reclaim catcher seals it. We’d definitely recommend this e-rig and are well impressed by it.

Check out the G Pen Roam if you’d like a quality and super-portable e-rig instead!

Thanks for reading and drop any comments or questions down below or on any of our social media channels. Until next time!

Source Versa tips & tricks for best performance

  • Pre-heat the atomizer to allow the wax to melt into the chamber easily
  • Low temperatures for tasty and light clouds, high temps for heavy hits.
  • Clean the atomizer after every couple of sessions with isopropyl alcohol
  • Fill the water slightly above the percolation holes.