Top 10 dry herb vaporizers for 2020!

With 2020 right around the corner, we figure we’d compile a list of the best dry herb vaporizers around! These devices will be in different categories, including desktop, best budget vapoizers, and most powerful.

Without further ado, here’s our list of what we feel are the best dry herb vaporizers for the upcoming year!

Storz & Bickel Crafty+

It’s hard to not call the Crafty+ the best portable dry herb vaporizer around. It’s super simple to use, performs reliably every single time, consistently puts out big hits of potent and flavorful vapor with low draw resistance, and it comfortably fits in your pocket for top notch portability. It’s lightweight, built tough, and has that legendary Storz & Bickel reputation.

The battery life on the updated Crafty+ is much better than before, it heats quicker, and the Dosing Capsules are a great feature. Overall, the Crafty+ is the best dry herb vaporizer around, even if it lacks some well-desired features like USB-C charging, a removable battery, and on-device temperature control.

To be fair, the Crafty+ isn’t the absolute greatest in terms of vapor quality and lots of devices are able to hit harder, however the Crafty+ is consistent and easy to use without hardly any learning curve. This simplicity is what makes it so appealing to us.

  • Super easy to use and consistent
  • Top shelf vapor quality
  • Portable, light, and durable
  • Dosing capsules
  • Expensive
  • Mediocre temperature control options
Crafty Plus

Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc is a top notch portable dry herb vape which is designed for taking everywhere. Taking up less real estate than something like the Crafty+, the Zeus Arc even edges out the DaVinci IQ and Arizer Go as our favorite small and portable herb vaporizer. Feature-rich with plenty of power and strong battery life, the Zeus Arc is a solid no-frills and easy portable herb vape.

While it has relatively limited temperature control options and a non-removable battery, it punches above its weight class with the vapor it produces. Haptic feedback, a very small size, and frequent firmware updates are some of the fun features packed inside.  While it’s not the heaviest hitter overall and the flavor is good for a conduction vaporizer, the small size may offset those concerns.

If you’re looking for a small and simple portable dry herb vape which can kick fairly hard, the Zeus Arc is a great one to consider. The battery life is a strong suit and beats the Crafty+ in that regard handedly.

  • Very small and compact, great very portable herb vape
  • Strong battery life
  • Frequent firmware updates keep the device modern
  • Only a conduction chamber
  • Limited temperature control options
Zeus ARC

Tubo Evic/TetraX

Assembled by hand by a Swiss legend, the Tubo Evic/TetraX by Lamart has by far the best vapor quality of any dry herb vaporizer. The extremely powerful convection heater can extract a huge bowl in a quick moment with incredible flavor and huge clouds. The removable batteries ensure you have juice for days and there is really no better option if you want the best portable dry herb vaporizer.

With that being said, it’s quite bulky and not exactly portable like the Crafty+. It’s better for at-home use. They take quite a while to build as well and if you get the TetraX, you’ll need to buy and configure a separate box mod. It’s definitely with it however and the Tubo Evic brings desktop power to the portable world.

If you’re able to get your hands on one, it’s a true powerhouse and worth the wait. We love artisan vapes like this and it kicks like a mule. For beginners, it might not be the best choice however, unless you’re fine with tinkering.

  • Best of the best vapor quality – extremely potent and flavorful
  • Removable 18650 batteries
  • Handmade with love from Switzerland and very unique
  • Expensive
  • Not too easy to carry like most portable herb vaporizers.
Tubo Evic

Utillian 722

The new Utillian 722 houses a powerful convection heater which can come close to rivaling some of the more expensive and powerful units on the market. A strong battery life, simple operation, and compact design make it a solid overall unit. While the temperature control is limited and still uses Micro-USB to charge, these downsides are overshadowed by the price to performance ratio.

The bowl is fairly large, it’s very easy to use, and the vapor quality is very satisfying. It feels nice in the hand and all in all it’s the best vaporizer Utillian has made thus far.

The stealth black design and e-cig-like shape makes it a good stealthy herb vaporizer, it heats up in a quick 30 seconds, and really we can’t find many complaints with it. It’s a little larger than most but still fine to take out anywhere you go. For a good portable convection dry herb vaporizer, the Utillian 722 is a solid one to consider.

  • Powerful convection heater + good sized bowl for great hits
  • Stealthy black design
  • Good battery life
  • Micro-USB and non-removable battery
  • Okay temperature control
Utillian 722

Volcano Hybrid

The new Volcano Hybrid really can knock your socks off. The large chamber, legendary Storz & Bickel build quality, and incredible hybrid heater makes the Volcano Hybrid second to none. Pump out dense and flavorful balloons or use a whip for direct draw. While the vapor quality and build quality are immense, so is the size and price tag.

There’s a reason why Storz & Bickel and their Volcano vapes are widely popular. They just work so well and for satisfying a whole crowd, you’ll have a hard time finding a vape able to pull of the task as well as the Volcano can,

The Volcano Hybrid is strictly for at-home use and the size won’t have you easily moving it from room to room. The price tag also makes it one of the most expensive dry herb vaporizers around, and that alone makes it quite exclusive.

You get what you pay for however and very few devices can even come close to the sheer power that is the Volcano Hybrid. We think many would be comfortable in crowning the Volcano Hybrid as the best dry herb vaporizer ever made.

  • Incredible vapor quality
  • Top notch build quality
  • Huge chamber for parties and group sessions
  • Very expensive
  • Large, bulky, best to leave in one place.
Volcano Hybrid

Arizer Extreme Q

If the Volcano Hybrid seems to be right up your alley but the price tag is a few multiples more than you can afford, then the Arizer Extreme Q might be the perfect device. Also with the option to use it with balloons, a whip, or direct draw, the Arizer Extreme Q has plenty of versatility alongside a powerful convection heater, large bowl, and healthy price tag.

Arizer is a very reputable Canadian brand and all of their units are of high quality. Simple and effective, all of their units are a good choice and we’d recommend looking at the Arizer portable vapes as well.

Of course being a desktop unit it requires the use of a wall plug, but it’s a good magnitude easier to carry around than the Volcano Hybrid. With such a good price tag for the quality of vapor you’re getting, it’s hard to find any device that performs better than the EQ. If you want a top-class experience and do most of your use at home, then the Arizer Extreme Q is a solid choice.

  • Powerful convection heater for great vapor quality
  • Reliable Arizer reputation and build quality
  • Versatile and great for group sessions – balloons, whip, or direct draw.
  • Requires a wall socket
  • Not the most attractive
Arizer Extreme Q

Dynavap M

Commonly touted as the best budget dry herb vaporizer around, the Dynavap Vapcap M is a unique little device. Using no batteries and instead a torch lighter to heat it up, the Dynavap M hits surprisingly hard with very little material used. It’s very small and makes for a great portable dry herb vape with its convenient, smell-proof carrying container.

People really enjoy the Dynavap for the joint-like experience and how customizable they are. Referred to as ‘stoner Lego’, people enjoy tinkering with them and end up getting more than one.

Using it out on the go may be hard as torching it to heat up takes some time and may look strange to the public eye, making it not quite the best stealthy herb vape around. Having a quick session in less than 30 seconds is super easy however, and the low price and great build quality also makes it appealing.

Completely made in America, the Dynavap M is surely one of the best budget dry herb vaporizers around. The cult-like following it has speaks for itself.

  • Very small, sized like a joint
  • Fun to use
  • Terrific price to performance ratio
  • Hard to use in public
  • Has a moderate learning curve
DynaVap M

Healthy Rips Fury Edge

Sequel to the ever loved Healthy Rips Fury 2, the Fury Edge ticks all the marks to be one one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers. While it doesn’t quite keep up with the big dogs in performance and features, it’s one of the best choices in the price range it’s at. USB-C charging, haptic feedback, a powerful hybrid heater, and good vapor quality make it a terrific unit.

If you’re in Canada the Fury Edge is a little harder to get a hold of, and thus we recommend the Utillian 620 which is very similar and equal in our opinion.

The full temperature control lets you perfectly dial in your session and the improved battery life lets you have a good handful of sessions before running flat. The matte black design and small size makes it a great stealthy dry herb vape and it heats up very quickly, allowing you to have a quick session whenever.

  • Portable, solid stealthy dry herb vape
  • Hybrid heater gives great vapor quality
  • Feature-rich with USB-C, haptic feedback, temperature control, etc.
  • Small bowl size
  • Non-removable battery
Health Rips Fury Edge

NewVape Flowerpot + WeedEater

Another one of the heavy hitters, the NewVape Flowerpot with WeedEater attachment is one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. Capable of stacking dabs and herb hits in one go, the NewVape Flowerpot is the single heaviest hitting vaporizer around, it’s designed for use exclusively with a bubbler, takes a while to heat up, and really best suited for expert level and frequent users who know what they’re doing.

If you familiarize yourself with the device however, prepare to be awestruck by how quickly it extracts and how hard it slaps you in the face. You won’t want to move this unit anytime soon, so it’ll really just stay on your desk the whole time. It costs quite a bit of coins, but in our opinion you really get what you pay for with this boutique piece of tech.

If you’re really looking for the heaviest hitting dry herb vaporizer around which can stack flower hits with dabs at the same time, then it’s a no-brainer. On another note, the VapBong is also an extremely heavy hitter but a very different form factor.

FlowerPot WeedEater

The Grasshopper vape

While it didn’t necessarily make the cut due to some build quality and reliability issues, if you manage to get a new model and have it working perfect, it’s one of a kind. The best stealthy herb vaporizer on the market by far due to its pen-like design. It occupies minimal carry space, looks sleek, and hits like a truck. Punching far above its weight class, the Grasshopper vape is truly one of a kind and worth it.

The battery life is on the short end of the spectrum and even though they are removable, they are proprietary and custom-made. On the other hand, the knock-out power is immense and it can hit as hard as some desktops, even with a pretty small chamber. The steroided convection heater makes the vapor pretty hot when using it dry, but with a water pipe it’s a real beast.

We’re hesitant about the Grasshopper however as the company has developed a very bad reputation for their poor customer support and warranty service. The Vivant vLeaf Go is a terrific budget alternative to the Grasshopper and we’d highly recommend looking into that one.

  • Extremely strong convection heater hits like a tank 
  • Super stealthy, very small, unique design
  • Incredible with a water pipe
  • Battery life is weak, though has removable batteries
  • Hot and harsh when used native, better used with cooling.

Honorable mentions:

Some of these devices didn’t quite make the cut but are awesome in their own regards. While we’re certain one of the above devices will grab your attention, perhaps check out one of the below for some more inspiration:

The Sticky Brick Lineup

The Sticky Brick OG, Flip Brick, Jr, Runt, Hydrobrick/Maxx are all great, hit like a truck, and are fun to use! Attractive cuts of wood are shaped into a brick-type shape and pack a mean punch. Using a butane torch like the Dynavap, the Sticky Brick has a steep learning curve and isn’t best for beginners. We recommend the Sticky Brick to experienced users only. Definitely worth it if you want some more wood in your life.

510 herb vaporizers

If you already have an e-cig box mod and are familiar with how they work, a 510 herb tank might be your best bet. Units like the RBT Splinter, MistVape Imp, ModPodLabs StemPod, Dreamwood Glow, and Lamart TetraX are increbile devices when configured properly. There’s a steep learning curve to setting most of these up but even outperform vapes multiple times more expensive.

Healthy Rips Fury 2/Grindhouse Shift/POTV One/Sutra Mini

A little bit older now and brother to the Fury Edge, the Fury 2 and similar designs are still great little devices and truly tiny. Though the battery life is rather weak, they’re extremely portable and stealthy dry herb vapes. They hit hard with their strong hybrid heater and make a lot out of a little herb. They can be found at great prices now and definitely still worth it.


We hope there’s something in this list that tickles your fancy! We’ve included devices of all shapes, sizes, price brackets, and performance levels. We have these as our favorite herb vaporizers and while there are dozens of solid devices out there not on this list, it’s hard to include them all. Until next time!

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