Zeus Arc VS PAX 3 Review

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another episode of portable vaporizer fight club! Today we get the pleasure of seeing two fairly similar yet different devices duke it out, where there can be only one winner. In this corner, we have the popular and experienced PAX 3, and in the other corner, it’s the strong, feisty rookie, the Zeus Arc. This is a pretty even match up, with both units having their strengths and weaknesses. The Arc boasts a gold vapor path and some of the thickest vapor we’ve ever seen, while the PAX 3 has more heat settings and Bluetooth capability. Which of these two evenly matched dry herb portable vaporizers will emerge as the victor? You’ll just have to keep reading if you want to find out.

Round 1 – Heating, Aesthetics & Discreetness

Both of these units use conduction heating. They are both discreet, as the Zeus Arc looks like a battery pack and the PAX 3 kind of resembles a small remote control.

Zeus Arc VS PAX 3

The PAX 3 has an outdated design from 10 years ago, but the device looks good for its age. The industry has evolved so much and so many improvements have been made during that time. Units are more attractive these days and feel more ergonomic in your hand. Even though the design of the PAX 3 is a decade old, to this day it remains one of the most discreet vapes on the market. The PAX 3 is still a solid unit, despite its age.

The Zeus Arc GT features a unique gold vapor path, which sets it apart from the competition. Not only does the gold on black color scheme look really slick, the vapor quality is exceptional. But more on that later. Since the vapor path of the Arc is so high-quality, it actually seems almost like it uses a convection oven. Convection ovens tend to produce more vapor, and the Arc might provide the thickest clouds of any conduction device.

Zeus Arc VS PAX 3 Mouthpiece

The sheer power and gold vapor path put the Arc ahead for our first round.


Round 2 – Ease of Use & Functionality

Both of these units are straightforward to use, but the PAX is a bit more complicated due to its customizable app. Make sure you pack your PAX 3 full for every session, and stir at least once. Otherwise, the herbs on the bottom of the stainless steel chamber will become fully vaporized while the material on top will still be green. It’s not hard to learn the best way to vape with the PAX, just watch a short YouTube video on the app. However, some users might have to learn hard way that stirring is essential for evenly heating your dry herbs.

The PAX 3 complete kit also can vape concentrates, and a concentrate insert is available for the basic kit. The Arc comes with a handy multi tool and is less complicated to use than the PAX, but the seasoned veteran has more functionality. Our round two winner is therefore the PAX 3.


Round 3 – Chamber Size & Vapor Quality

Trust us, we are not paid by the manufacturer to say this, but the Zeus Arc really outshines the majority of its competition when it comes to vapor production. All three of the Arc’s heat settings will let you blow some seriously thick clouds. The taste and quality of the vapor is about the same for these units, with the Zeus outshining the PAX a little, due to its unique airpath. Both of these units have the same chamber size.

The bottom of the PAX3 tends to get really hot where the chamber is, so users tend to hold it up higher during a long session. This is an area where the PAX shows its age, because you don’t have that hotspot problem with the gold heatsink on the Arc GT. Hotspots on even the standard Zeus Arc unit tend to not be a problem either.

Be careful not to drop the PAX 3 while it’s packed, because the lid pops off easily. The lid to the PAX 3 could even come off in your pocket, spilling your herbs. This is drag, because who wants to pick pocket lint out of their herbs? We don’t recommend using the PAX 3 all that heavily, it’s just not built that way.

The PAX 3’s heat up time is not what it claims to be. Once the light turns green, it’s supposedly heated up, but we’ve never gotten vapor on the first draw. Wait at least 20 seconds from the green light, then it will start giving vapor. Because of the durability of the Arc over the PAX, the Arc wins this round.

Zeus Arc VS PAX 3 LED Lights


Round 4 – Battery

The batteries on both of these devices is an impressive 3500mah internal and they both last for about 90 minutes of continuous usage. The difference is that the Zeus Arc charges with a standard USB cable you use every day, while the PAX 3 has an inconvenient proprietary battery charger. You can even purchase a portable battery charger for the Arc, which clearly puts it above the PAX 3 in round four.


Round 5 – Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping the Zeus Arc clean is easier than the PAX 3, because all you do is pop the top chamber and dump out your vaped herbs. Clean the gold-plated pieces in the mouthpiece, and you’re ready for another session. The PAX 3, on the other hand, has a bottom chamber, and the air flows through a tube. The tube gets clogged up with residue and restricts airflow. You’ll need to clean that with a pipe cleaner. Additionally, the screens for the PAX 3 need to be replaced regularly, while the screens for the Arc do not. For these reasons, the Arc is our round five winner.


Round 6 – Warranty

Our round 6 is pretty straightforward. The Zeus Arc comes with a 3-year warranty, while the PAX 3 has a warranty of 10 years. Obviously, this puts the Pax 3 ahead for our sixth and final round.


And the Winner Is… Zeus ARC

Even though the PAX has more temperature options and a longer warranty, the gold-plated technology of the Arc GT alone wins this fight. The durability, vapor production and mini-USB charging capabilities give the Arc even more of an edge. The PAX 3 has been a popular unit for several years for a reason, but it simply was no match for the Zeus Arc.

Which of these two units do you think is superior? Let us know what you think!

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