G Pen Dash Review

Author Rating: 6.8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 7/10
Battery Life: 6/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 6/10

An entry level herb vaporizer by Grenco Science, the G Pen Dash is a cute little device for under $100. Brought to us by the team who brought us the G Pen Elite and G Pen Roam among other devices, we’re interested to see how the G Pen Dash performs. Though some of their past units missed the mark by a bit, this new one is promising!

The G Pen Dash is very similar to the Flowermate CAP. Check out our Flowermate CAP review to see how we feel about that device!

How easy is it to use the G Pen Dash?

This is a really simple starter unit. One button operation, simple cleaning, and simple to use, it’s excellent for beginners who want an easy unit.

You get three temperature settings to toy with – blue, green, and red, which is 190/205/220°C, or 375/401/428°. Though we prefer full temperature control, this is honestly fine and the settings are well chosen.

Cleaning is very simple. Brush out the bowl and mouthpiece every few sessions, then every once in a while disassemble the mouthpiece and soak it in isopropyl alcohol for around 10 minutes. Rinse and you’re ready to go!

G Pen Dash How to Use

How long does the battery last?

It’s a small vape. Small vape = small battery. With that in mind, you actually can get around 4-6 sessions per charge which is pretty nice honestly! It’s enough for a night out and unless you’re a heavy user, you’ll be well served by it.

It uses a MicroUSB charger which is standard on budget portable herb vapes, and takes around an hour to top up fully. The battery is not removable however it does have pass-through charging which is nice, since if you run out you can just plug it into an external charger and keep on going.

Bowl Size & Heating System

So it holds around 0.1-0.15 grams in the chamber which is about all you need unless you’re a frequent smoker. It uses a glass coated stainless steel conduction oven which actually gives surprisingly pleasant vapor.

For reference, most budget portable vaporizers use conduction heating, while intermediate and high-end vapes use hybrid or convection heating. Conduction is by no means bad, it’s just different.

This bowl size is usual on small portable herb vapes like the Dynavap M and Utillian 620, and will satisfy the majority of users.


How’s the Vapor Quality?

Honestly, it’s pretty great! Ok so it’s not going to at all compete with the Mighty or Utillian 722 vapes, but for a budget portable under $100? I couldn’t complain at all.

It has nice flavor, the vapor is surprisingly smooth, and the clouds are pretty significant. The draw is pretty gentle and open and I was definitely shocked at how decent this little thing is.

I wouldn’t try running wax through it and sure it won’t really satisfy the heavy smokers very well, it’s still an excellent little unit and far better than the cheap budget portables from years past.

Vapor Quality

How Portable and Discreet is it?

It’s tiny! This is actually one of the smallest dry herb vapes out there and more portable than the likes of the Pax 3 or Utillian 421. The sleek black matte build is attractive and stealthy, and it’s so light you’ll probably forget it was in your pocket to begin with. 

It hides away entirely in the hand and really I can’t think of many other better portable units.

G Pen Dash Portability

What accessories come with the G Pen Connect?

In the box is a fairly basic kit consisting of the G Pen Dash itself, a charging cable, a very handy keychain stir tool, the box, and user manual. I wish there were a little cleaning brush or something included as well since many beginners may not have one already.

  • G Pen Dash
  • USB Charging cable
  • Quick start manual
  • Box

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

Grenco Science, the team behind the G-Pen, doesn’t have the best of reputations from their past. Their new units are a big improvement in materials and tech, and we’re glad to see the company going in a better direction.

The G Pen Dash itself isn’t anything unique as it already exists as another unit named the Flowermate CAP. At least it’s well-priced and a good unit to being with!

You won’t really be going wrong by getting this unit though and we’re fairly confident any reliability and warranty issues will be resolved handily.

Who is this vaporizer for?

The G Pen Dash is definitely best suited towards new users and those who don’t need so much herb. The super portable form factor makes it a great everyday carry as well!

For heavy users, it simply won’t do. Sure, it’ll get you high, but you’d be way better off with something hefty like the Utillian 722


Again, the team at Grenco is doing a good job at improving. A new leaf being turned over in our eyes, we hope they continue going forwards with units like the G Pen Dash because it’s really a solid unit!

It’s very small, has surprisingly nice vapor, hits well, and is in our eyes one of the best budget dry herb vapes around. It has haptic (vibration) feedback, the temperature settings are fine, and it just works well.

If you’re a heavy smoker, you should know it won’t compete with high-class units like the Crafty+ and you’d be better served by something in that weight class. An investment but worth it! Also, you can’t put the G Pen Dash on a bong, which is a bit of a shame.

Overall, a solid little unit which performs very well and is an excellent alternative to the Flowermate CAP, which is essentially the same device. 

Tips for best performance

Here are some G-Pen Dash tips & tricks we have to share!

  • Grind your herb medium-fine, pack it in a little bit too!
  • Clean the mouthpiece screen to keep the airflow nice and open.
  • Use a power bank to keep the battery topped off on long trips!
  • Low temperature for flavor, high temp for hits!

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