If you’ve just got a brand spankin new Arizer, you might be wondering how to clean it. Well, you’re in luck, because the Arizer lineup is among the easiest devices to clean, requiring very little maintenance with a super quick process. We’ll also go into how to make precious, precious stem milk! This advice is applicable for all the Arizer vapes including the Arizer Solo 2, ArGo, Air 2, and Extreme Q.

How often to clean Arizer vapes

As soon as you notice the airflow getting impeded, you should get ready for a full cleaning. Sometimes, taking a small brush and scrubbing the inside of the bowl can be enough to loosen any grit. With particularly resinous weed, you’ll get a clogged mouthpiece a bit quicker, and in general it’ll take around 6-12 sessions before a full cleaning is needed.

If you’re not fond of the flavour from your Arizer vape, then it’s also a marker that it’s time to make it squeaky clean again. Some of us really like to keep our glass nice and shiny so even every couple of sessions you might be looking to clean your Arizer vape. Like we said, it’s super easy!

How often to clean Arizer vape

Adding a metal screen to the stem

This can actually help with both the airflow and cleaning of your Arizer vape! Fitting in a small pipe screen right before the built-in glass screen is known to help with airflow and reduce the amount of cleaning since the 4 holes won’t get clogged anymore.

With that in mind too, you won’t get any more little pieces of herb flying through and into your mouth! These little bits of herb can be annoying to most of us! In fact, the metal screen mod is definitely our favourite for the Arizer vapes and we certainly recommend doing it.

Adding a metal screen to stem

Cleaning Arizer glass stem/mouthpiece

The best way to clean the glass stem is with isopropyl alcohol! Or simply submerge the stem in some iso for 10 minutes or so, rinse, and then it’s good as new! If there’s a lot of grime in the chamber, take a little brush or grab some of our fine Cleaning Sticks and scrape that out while it’s covered in iso. That should loosen all that residue quickly. Rinse and then you’re good to go!

In case your stem is super gooey and has a good layer of that golden-honey inside, don’t be so quick to discard that! You can use that for good…

How to clean Mouthpiece

Stem milk!

Grab that nasty stem and soak it in whole-fat milk for around 30 minutes! Just drop the glass stem in the milk which is in a pot, set the temperature high enough to simmer but not boil! Stir gently occasionally and all that THC goodness should then move into the milk. Add some cream, coconut oil, or butter to help extract it all if it won’t all come out.

This makes for a very surprisingly strong edible weed beverage, so don’t underestimate it! We’ve done a AVB recipes guide before and stem milk pops up in there too. A goldmine for the true connoisseur.

Stem milk!


We hope this quick Arizer cleaning guide helps you out and you’re able to use it effectively. Check out our general dry herb vapes cleaning guide to learn some more easy tips and tricks, and our Storz & Bickel vape cleaning guide is designed for those with a Crafty+, Volcano Hybrid, or other S&B vape.

Feel free to send us a message on Reddit or via e-mail, or drop a comment down below and we’ll gladly help you out as soon as possible! Until later, thanks for reading!

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