RastaBuddhaTao Splinter – Wood you believe it!

510 dry herb atomizers are now becoming more popular and we’d figure we’d do an RBT Splinter review to glance back on the one that started it all. How does it stand up in todays market and is the RBT Splinter a good 510 herb vape with all the options around now? Check out our RBT Splinter review here for more info!

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How easy is it to use?

The RBT Splinter is a bit easier and more straightforward to setup than other 510 dry herb atomizers. It uses a different coil setup than the others and the only thing you need to do is set the resistance/TCR, or use it in wattage mode at 20-40 watts.  You can get full and complete temperature control, allowing you to enjoy the full range of terpenes and power that you like!

Cleaning is very simple and similar to that of an Arizer vape – simply remove the stem, empty it out, and when it gets a bit dirty just let it soak in some isopropyl alcohol for around 10 minutes before rinsing it out with water and enjoying your squeaky clean glass! 

RastaBuddhaTao Splinter How to Use

How long does the battery last?

Since this is a 510 herb atomizer and not the device itself, battery life will depend a lot on a few factors; batteries used, mod used, wattage vs TCR mode, and more. We almost always recommend using a mod with removable 18650 batteries, with preference for 2 battery mods too.

With a single 3000mAh, 20A battery like a Sony VTC5/6, LG HG2 or Samsung 30Q, you can expect around 3-4 sessions per charge, but that’s even being generous. 2 battery mods are very good to look into instead and the extra power and battery life will be hugely appreciated down the road.

Bowl Size & Heating System (convection conduction induction?)

You can microdose or megadose, using around 0.05-0.3 grams of herb in the bowl. This gives you plenty of versatility and can give huge hits if you like. The fixed basket screens aren’t adjustable and only actually hold up to 0.2 grams, but many people like to throw in aftermarket screens to increase capacity. 

With that in mind, the powerful convection heater will only take around 5 seconds to warm up fully, in time to deliver those huge and heavy hits that we so like. The first hit will almost always be smooth and flavorful, with the second and third being heavy and powerful. The Splinter is really best suited for dry herb, however you can put a small chunk of wax mixed in with weed for some added fun!

RastaBuddhaTao Splinter Bowl Size

How’s the Vapor Quality?

The vapor path is entirely glass, which is great for flavor and safety. The vapor quality is immense and at the top of the list, matching and even beating the likes of the Crafty+ and Firefly 2+ when properly dialed in. The airflow is nice and smooth, the flavor is very pure and terrific, and the vapor density is only matched by other high end herb vapes.

Glass Mouthpiece

How Portable and Discreet is it?

Depending on the size of the mod you use, the portability will change. In general, we liken its portability to be similar to the Arizer Solo 2 – fine but not great. It’s better as home-portable vape but with the option of being taken outside. Especially with a 2 battery mod, it’s a bit bulky and cumbersome for most pockets and better left in a bag.

Too, it’s a bit large and looks a bit different than your average e-cig. The atomizer itself is a little heavy and the protruding glass stem tastes up quite a bit of space. On the other hand, a full session can take less than a minute and the smell from convection vapes is much less than something like the Pax 3. Still, it’s not the best stealthy herb vape and the size does hinder it a bit. If you want portability and powerful convection heating, pick up the Utillian 722 instead.

Portability & Size

What the RBT Splinter comes with

You get the 510 herb vape itself, a few basket screens, standard short glass stem, stir tools, cloth bag, and cleaning brush. This is a fair piece of kit and the only thing we’d say you should pick up is a few other mouthpieces like a waterpipe adaptor (WPA) and maybe the XL8R stem for some great cooling with still great flavor.

RastaBuddhaTao Splinter Accessories

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

RastaBuddhaTao has a mixed reputation but the service and quality of the Splinter and his other devices are consistent and high quality. It’s rather attractive if you ask me, but I’m a sucker for wood pieces. There is no warranty in particular but the price is solid and service has been great by the team. Overall, it’s a good piece and it should last many years.

Manufacturing Quality

Who is this vaporizer for

If you’re keen on a 510 herb tank but don’t want to setup complicated algorithms and deal with resistances and TCR like with other 510 herb atomizers like the Stempod or MistVape Imp, then the Splinter is a great choice.

The performance is top notch, good enough to rival even the big boys and if you want the best performing herb vape for the money, you shouldn’t look further than the 510 herb vapes around and the Splinter for sure.


The RBT Splinter is a very good herb vape and a solid choice if you want a 510 herb vape atomizer option. The power and performance are stellar and you’ll really be able to match almost any high-end vape with ease. With that being said, the size is a bit too much for some and even the learning curve may able to push you in a different direction..

For what it is, it’s hard to find a portable dry herb vape that performs better that this, perhaps the Splinter Z or equivalent 510 dry herb vape atomizers. In the end, it’s a great device and the RBT Splinter is hard to beat!

If convection heating is right up your alley but don’t fancy the RBT Splinter, check our Best Convection herb vapes for other powerful units!

Tips for best performance

  • Use ArcticFox or Tubo_MyEvic softwares to really bump the performance up a notch. DNA chip based mods are also great.
  • Medium-coarse ground herb, lightly packed to allow airflow through
  • Use 20-40 watts for use in wattage mode.
  • A 2 battery mod will increase carry size but help battery life hugely.

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