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Month: April 2017

State-Of-The-Art Vaping—Volcano Vaporizer

Portraying the classic German architectural genius, the Volcano Vaporizer is brilliance personified!

Introduced to the market in 2007, Storz and Bickel’s Volcano Digital Vaporizer is still the king of desktop vaporizers.

Whether it is durability, vapour quality or performance features, Volcano Vaporizer has stood the test of time.

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Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Unlike other vaporizers available in the market, the Vapir Rise is the closest alternative to the Volcano. This vaporizer provides much of the same easy functionality although manages to create a league of its own, offering some features not present in the Volcano.

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Arizer Air 1 Vaporizer Review – Solo’s younger brother

Today we are going to review the Arizer Air 1 vaporizer, one of the popular brands in the portable and desktop vaporizer industry. Arizer continued its success with the solo vaporizer, Arizer produces yet another incredible product for vaping enthusiasts.

Designed with powerful, state-of-the-art heating mechanism, Air 1 is the ultimate cannabis vaporizing device. Whether if it’s portability, efficiency or vapor quality, Arizer Air 1 has a check on all counts. With compact design and remarkable battery capacity, this vaping device is an amazing choice. Continue reading

Portable Vaporizers Quick Shopping Guides

Portable vaporizers are compact, lightweight and hand-held devices that can be operated on the go. They allow users more freedom and are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Most of these devices are battery-operated and hence, require no electricity.

Although they do not produce as much of vapor as their desktop counterparts, their versatile features have made them a popular choice among vaping enthusiasts. Continue reading

Debunking Three Common Dry Herb Vaping Myths

Considered as a groundbreaking invention towards tobacco harm reduction, vaping has become quite a popular option. It gives smokers a chance to meet their nicotine requirements without those harmful chemicals.

According to statistics by Euromonitor International, the sales of vapour devices increased by 59% to £3.9 billion—breaking through $6 billion. In its largest market, thus far—the US—the sales more than doubled to £1.7 billion. Continue reading

Vaping VS Smoking – Which One is a Better Option?

Vaping VS Smoking is the big question when it comes to marijuana inhalation.

Weed, pot, hash, Mary Jane—whatever you like to call it—is one of the most widely used medication.

It creates a mind-altering ‘high’ that is, sometimes, described as heavenly by some of its users. Continue reading

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Vaping Dry Herbs

Over the past few years, vaping herbs has become a trend. Not only is it a safer alternative to smoking, it has also been found to be quite healthy.

In the 1990s, people vaped herbs via big machines attached to walls. However, with the advent of portable pen and desktop vaporizers, vaping herbs has been completely revolutionized. Continue reading

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