Firefly 2 Review – Draw Senstitive Convection Heating

Author Rating: 7.5/10

Ease of Use: 7/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 6/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

The Firefly 2 is for use with both dry herbs and waxy concentrates that many vape lovers consider to be the cream of the crop when it comes to high-end units. Even though it is one of the most advanced and intuitive units on the market, it is still straightforward and easy to use, as long as you read the instruction manual and don’t just jump right into trying it. The functionality and user friendliness of this device improves even more if you download the smartphone app that goes with it. A former project manager that worked for Apple designed the Firefly 2, so the fact that this device is regarded so highly is not much of a surprise. Of course, all of the bells and whistles that come with the Firefly 2 most certainly do not come cheaply. Is the Firefly 2 worth they money? We will put out the facts and you decide.

Battery on the Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 has a powerful battery made from lithium that clocks in at 770 mAh. The battery is exchangeable, and the unit comes with an extra battery, which is a nice selling point. The battery life of the Firefly 2 isn’t the best in the business, but it will still last up to about 60 minutes of continuous usage, or about three or four nice dry herb sessions. Concentrate sessions use more juice, so you might get two or three concentrate sessions on a single battery charge.

Firefly 2 Batteries and Charging Dock

The battery is exchangeable and comes with an extra battery right out of the box, which is also a nice selling point. You do have to keep the battery inside of the unit for it to charge, which is an inconvenience for some users. Others don’t seem to mind it and just let the batteries charge before they go for a session.

Firefly 2 Charging Dock

Using the Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 has an expansive temperature range from 170 degrees Celsius and 225 degrees Celsius for dry herbs. Temperatures higher than 225 degrees should only be used for concentrates, because at that point you might as well just smoke your herbs, as you’ll be reaching the combustion point.

The Firefly 2 vaporizer was the first vape to feature draw sensitive convection heating, as most vapes like it have to get hot in about a minute or two. The Firefly 2 is ready to vape in seconds flat. It begins heating up as soon as you take a rip, which is something that sets this unit apart from the rest. The Firefly looks slick as well, with its aluminum exterior. See-through glass allows you to watch your dry herbs get vaped right in front of your eyes, which is a really cool feature that you won’t find on most other units.

Firefly 2 Sensors

At five inches long and an inch and a half wide, Firefly 2 isn’t the smallest vape on the market, but it is still pretty stealthy and concealable enough. The sensors on the side of the device make the Firefly 2 easy to use manually if you don’t feel like downloading the app. If you do want to download the app, you’ll be treated to some extra features and options when it comes to temperature. You can easily take off the top, and the magnet holds it in place well. Because the chamber and the vapor path are both made of high quality glass, cleaning the unit is easy.

Firefly 2 App Screen

There are tiny holes inside the chamber that allow the convection heat to distribute evenly. The exceptional heating quality is one of the areas where the Firefly 2 really shines. With most other vapes, we recommend that you grind your herbs as finely as possible in order to ensure even heat distribution and getting the most out of each session and also definitely recommend stirring your herb every couple of session/sittings.

Vapor Quality on Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 features a top-notch glass air pathway that the vapor travels through which makes the flavor that much better. Couple this with some of the best convection heating in the game, and you have exceptionally delicious flavor quality of vapor. Through our testing we feel that the Firefly 2 definitely produces high quality vapor and flavor, probably rank it as one of the top 5 vaporizers.

What Comes With the Firefly 2?

Along with the device, the Firefly 2 comes with two batteries you can swap out and recharge, a charger for the device, a kit for easy cleaning of your unit and three liquid pads for use with your favorite waxy concentrates.

Firefly 2 Accessories


  • Draw-sensitive convection heating, first of its kind.
  • Comes with two batteries you can recharge.
  • Able to vape either dry herbs or concentrates.
  • Ready to vape in seconds.
  • One of the most efficient heating chambers on any device available today.
  • Exceptional vapor quality because of the chamber made from glass and the air path is all glass as well.
  • Easy to clean.
  • See-through glass allows you to watch your dry herbs get vaped right in front of your eyes.


  • Battery must be kept inside the unit in order to charge it, which is an inconvenience for some users.
  • New users might get some dry herbs in their mouths if they fail to realize they shouldn’t grind flowers down finely and should break up buds by hand instead

Do you own a Firefly 2? What are your thoughts on it? Is it your favorite vaporizer? If not, what is? We love hearing what you think and if you’re looking to get one, head over to our shop to get yours.

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